Creative experts introduce themselves – Andreas Dittes

Andrea DittesAndreas Dittes founded the online marketing agency KlickHelden, which specializes on Google Adwords optimization, search engine optimization and social media marketing. Prior to KlickHelden he co-founded telewebber, a company for interactive television. Andreas is an active member of the german startup scene and organizer of several event formats like barcamps and webmondays. Further information on his work and him can be found on his blogs and

What was the most interesting project you have implemented?

Thats a tough question since I’m really passionate with almost all of my projects. One of the most interesting and also longest projects I was working on is telewebber – a service to give broadcast television an interactive community-backchannel. But I’m also really excited about the new social media projects I’m working on.

What was the most difficult experience you have had with a customer?

Well I think it’s important to learn how to deal with every customer you have – especially if they are difficult. So I think it’s about trying to understand them to avoid problems. But like everyone else I’ve had some stressful customers aswell – stressful mainly because of an discussion overhead on relatively small projects.

What was the biggest challenge that you had to face?

I think the biggest challenge so far was to quit the 9to5 job and start my own business. It’s a huge step to do that and bureaucracy doesn’t really help here. Maybe thats why only few people are starting their own business as an entrepreneur or freelancer – it’s not as easy as switching a regular job.

Are there customers for whom you would not work?

There are certainly some industries I would not feel good working for. Though I think that especially with social media there is often an opportunity for a lot of companies to finally get some good karma. But still thats rather uncommon.

Who is the client of your dreams?

Luckily most of my clients are like that. I think this is mainly because they can trust me and therefore give me a lot of freedom to do what I think is best for them. So the client of my dreams tells me about what he wants and lets me decide whats the best way to achieve that. And the client of my dreams also pays in time…

Which qualifications characterize your dream team?

I think the team is key for the success as a company. So I would always try to get a team of enthusiastic people. If people love what they do, then work is fun and they give their best. My clients always notice that i am passionate about what I do – and they see that I’m the best for the job…

What was your best performance for free?

There are several projects I did to help others in an altruistic manner. Some of the most known include organizing several networking events like webmondays and barcamps in germany. Another project I did was building a platform that helped web 2.0 startups with their staffing. I’m really passionate about connecting people and helping them out and I see the positive backlash of that aswell.

How often have you changed your specialization?

I love to learn and explore new industries, but I only did a hard change in my specialization once when I changed from being a technology guy to an entrepreneur and marketing guy.

Can you imagine to take another job?

As said above, I love to dive into other industry sectors and niches as long as they are related to the internet.

What will you do in 10 years?

I can’t really tell what I will do 10 years from now, but I think I will still work in the Internet field. Maybe launching my 7th startup by then or so…

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