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Calling all creative writers, poets, teachers, and everyone in between. FamilyPunk is looking for a creative copywriter–someone who loves story and believes in the power of words to create change. A parent or someone who wants to help families thrive.

Who is FamilyPunk?
We’re building a digital companion that helps parents with the tough stuff that comes with raising families. Our motto is: to un-f*ck parenting.

Our mission is to build a thriving, family-friendly society, one family at a time, one workplace at a time

What you will be focusing on:
1. Shaping and expressing content that will help parents thrive while raising their families.
2. Find a language and a way to communicate hard content in a cheeky and humorous way.
3. In the first step, two already finished audio pieces need to be translated into German. These already have the appropriate tone of voice and can serve perfectly as a basis for further work

What you have:
A love for words.
A big ol’ heart.
An eye for detail. You care about crossing all t’s and dotting all i’s.
Experience teaching. Maybe not in a classroom, but you’ve broken down a tough topic into digestible content before.
An understanding for how content relates. You know that if you change a detail on page one, you need to make sure you also cut that thread throughout the piece. Curiosity.

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