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Referenznummer: 63260-10
Start: 01.12.2020
Dauer: 1 Jahr ++
Einsatzort: International

Currently we are looking for a System Engineer.

Your tasks:
1. Perform recurrent L1 Preventive Maintenance Procedures on all systems in Validation and Operational chains
+ Perform GSMC periodic checks as per applicable procedures
+ Perform GSMC regular inspections (e.g., check health status of the systems, checks smoke detectors in racks etc.)
+ Perform daily visual inspections on all systems
+ Check Backup status on several platforms
+ Perform license renewals
+ Perform PKI maintenance such as certificates renewal (under the guidance of the crypto authority)
+ Replacement of the real-time clock battery on applicable equipment
+ Apply regular anti-virus signatures updates as well as IDS rules update
+ Perform regular passwords update on applicable appliances
+ Being able to use and maintain Monitoring Tools (OpenNMS, Nagios, Microsoft SCOM, etc.)
+ Maintaining the Maintenance Plan (initially under strict supervision of current GSA Sys admins for GSMC-FR and GSMC-ES)

2. Perform L1 Corrective Maintenance Procedures on all systems in Validation and Operational chains:
+ Replacement of faulty equipment (e.g. servers, network and security appliances, KVMs, media converters, tape library, etc.)
+ Replacement of internal component of faulty equipment (e.g. fans, RAM DIMMS, HDDs/SSDs, Power Supply Units, etc.)
+ Replacement of component inside IT racks (e.g. smoke detectors, door, vibration, en vironment sensors, alarm beacons, etc.)
+ Perform planned closedown and start-up of systems
+ Perform troubleshooting activities on Windows and Linux environment, Microsoft Ex change Server, Oracle DB, Java-based bespoke applications, Microsoft Windows Domain, firewalling, IDS, Antivirus, NTP Services, switching and other standard network services, etc.

3. Perform operational activities (e.g. perform planned and unplanned site handover, perform lockdown activities, including password changes, perform backup and archive related activities, etc.)

4. Perform Sysadmin Routine activities (such as regular systems health status checks, unlocking Smartcards, create new accounts, disable old accounts, etc.)

5. Participate to Standby Roster for L1 Maintenance Support (also during holidays, weekends, out of working hours, etc.)

6. Provide support to L2 troubleshooting activities (performed by industry) within and out of working hours

7. Manage Assets Inventory (inventory list updates after replacement of faulty equipment, etc.) following the current process in place

8. Support License Management Process (process currently owned by the GSMC Engineering Team)

9. Test and validate procedures delivered by industry in several operational environments providing comments, etc.

10. Participate to recurrent meetings, Change Management Requests meetings, coordination meetings, etc..

+ Minimum 3 years sysadmin experience with 2nd or 3rd level of support
+ Security check SÜ2 (active or non active)
+ MCSA or MCSE certification
+ MCP (Exchange, SQL, SharePoint, etc.)
+ Knowledge and hands-on experience on:
- Microsoft Windows Domain (AD)
- Microsoft Exchange
- Linux Redhat Software
- JBOSS Enterprise Application Platform
- Firewalling
- IDS management
- PKI management
- Networking
- Antivirus
- Monitoring solutions via OpenNMS, Nagios, Microsoft SCOM, VPN solutions

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