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Freelancerprofil: Senior Software and Database Developer - Ninoslav Krndija

Ninoslav Krndija | Remote | Stunden- und Tagessatz: 15,00 EUR / 120,00 EUR

Software developer and architect with more than ten years continualing profesional expirience when working with Delphi development environments (from Delphi 5 over Delphi 7 Delphi 2007 Delphi XE2 and ... mehr lesen

Freelancerprofil: Software-Engineer - Gabriele Caracausi in München

Gabriele Caracausi | München | Stunden- und Tagessatz: -- / --

OBJECTIVE Open mindset flexibility curiosity got me towards my entrepreneurship experience with Signify representing for me the next natural step after many years of freelancing activity. Since 2009 ... mehr lesen

Freelancerprofil: Software Development - Kushal Dhungana in Germany

Kushal Dhungana | Germany | Stunden- und Tagessatz: -- / --

• Worked in building different web applications using HTML CSS(Bootstrap) and Javascript. • Good knowledge in MySQL and decent knowledge of Node.js Rest APIs. • Building a portfolio using React an ... mehr lesen

Freelancerprofil: Frontend Entwickler - Hossein Taheri in Frankfurt

Hossein Taheri | Frankfurt | Stunden- und Tagessatz: 25,00 EUR / 120,00 EUR

• Experience in working with Typescript and Angular 7-8 modules services templates directives services and dependency injection to create a SPA for a new solution. • Creating Responsive Web Pages and ... mehr lesen