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Freelancerprofil: Software-Engineer - Gabriele Caracausi in München

Gabriele Caracausi | München | Stunden- und Tagessatz: -- / --

OBJECTIVE Open mindset flexibility curiosity got me towards my entrepreneurship experience with Signify representing for me the next natural step after many years of freelancing activity. Since 2009 ... mehr lesen

Freelancerprofil: Software Engineer - David Schuld in Remote

David Schuld | Remote | Remote | Stunden- und Tagessatz: 60,00 EUR / 480,00 EUR

Software Engineer with six years of experience in diverse industries. Focusing on web-based back-end systems in Java and having expertise covering the full stack with various front-end and DB technolo ... mehr lesen

Freelancerprofil: System Admin - Moutacim Lachhab in nur Telearbeit

Moutacim Lachhab | nur Telearbeit | Stunden- und Tagessatz: 30,00 EUR / 200,00 EUR

Sysadmin & Support Engineer German English & French speaking • I can support you on productive and critical tasks with top time resolution on nearly all systems. • Sysadmin & Troubleshooting • Rev ... mehr lesen