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Freelancerprofil: DWH, BI and Advanced Analytics Architect - Marco Poloni in Stolberg

Marco Poloni | Stolberg

Marco is a senior IT professional with 20+ years of experience in the Data Warehouse Business Intelligence and Customer Analytics area in several positions focused on the financial pharmaceutical and ... mehr lesen

Freelancerprofil: Projektmanager / Programmanager in Karlsruhe


More than 20 years successful international career with global leading companies in the chemical and IT industries • Exceptional competencies in the areas of program management change management busin ... mehr lesen

Freelancerprofil: Projektmanager - Burkhard Behr in .

Burkhard Behr | . | Remote

I am an international Project/Program Manager with 28 years’ experience and a reputation for delivery built on the successful leadership of numerous ICT assignments across and extensive range of secto ... mehr lesen