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Freelancerprofil: Analog Layout - Priyatham Rao Valipe in Germany

Priyatham Rao Valipe | Germany | Remote | Stunden- und Tagessatz: 14,00 EUR / 100,00 EUR

In Analog Layout I am well versed with the twin well and triple well process. I have got experience with matching techniques use of dummies and verifications (DRC and LVS). I have experience with Cade ... mehr lesen

Freelancerprofil: IT Retail Consulting - SPP Team - Entwicklung C# Java Web - Rollout Management - SPP Retail Solutions & Consulting LTD -NL Schweiz- in Endingen

SPP Retail Solutions & Consulting LTD -NL Schweiz- | Endingen | Remote | Stunden- und Tagessatz: 110,00 EUR / 800,00 EUR

Firmenprofil bitte Anhang anschauen - Leistungsbeschreibung SPP-Team Digital Transformation – we are creative • Design and implement your website landing page or other digital touchpoint to your custo ... mehr lesen

Freelancerprofil: Software-Engineer - Gabriele Caracausi in München

Gabriele Caracausi | München | Stunden- und Tagessatz: -- / --

OBJECTIVE Open mindset flexibility curiosity got me towards my entrepreneurship experience with Signify representing for me the next natural step after many years of freelancing activity. Since 2009 ... mehr lesen

Freelancerprofil: Testingenieur - Andreas RUNGE in Köln

Andreas RUNGE | Köln | Stunden- und Tagessatz: 85,00 EUR / 500,00 EUR

Dipl.-Ing. Andreas M. Runge 1 Address: Saarstrasse 8 50859 Cologne Phone: ××××/××××××××××××× Mobile : ××××/××××××××××××× Email: ××××××××××××××××@××××××××××× Age: 39 PERSONAL PROFILE A t ... mehr lesen

Freelancerprofil: Interim HR Leader, Transformation Project Manager & Agile Coach in Frankfurt

Frankfurt | Stunden- und Tagessatz: -- / --

HR transformation expert and HR interim manager with global HR leadership operational HR and project management expertise. Benefit from my experience in medium-sized businesses as well as in the group ... mehr lesen