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Freelancerprofil: SAP principal CO consultant - Esin Sayın in İstanbul

Esin Sayın | İstanbul | Remote

16+ years of SAP certified experience in Controlling has implemented CO-CCA – Cost Center Acc. CO-PC – Product Costing(Actual costing/Material Ledger and AVR) CO-PA – Profitability Analysis CO-PS and ... mehr lesen

Freelancerprofil: Interim Manager Group Accounting, Reporting, Finanzen sowie Controlling - Hendrik Oppelland in Stuttgart

Hendrik Oppelland | Stuttgart

Fast 20 Jahre Know-How in den Bereichen Finance (Group) Accounting Controlling größtenteils in leitender Funktion in international tätigen Unternehmen mit bis zu 5 disziplinarisch unterstellten Mitarb ... mehr lesen

Freelancerprofil: Marketing and Public Relations Expert - Sumera Munawar in Bergneustadt

Sumera Munawar | Bergneustadt

Skilled in marketing strategy content writing (e.g. for the website newsletters social media white papers reports publications etc.) event management press releases media management social media marke ... mehr lesen