Freelancerprofil: Freelancer Design, Visual Art, Illustration (A.) & Freelancer Event & Retail (Gewerbe) (B.) - Barbara Schneider in Bremen, HB

Freelancer Design, Visual Art, Illustration (A.) & Freelancer Event & Retail (Gewerbe) (B.)

Barbara Schneider | Bremen, HB
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Diploma- in Design (1991)


A. Independent Freelancer Design, Visual Art, Illustration
Diploma in Design
Award - winning designer/ artist

Portfolio: Links upon request

Design Service / Interest:
Illustrations (handmade,diverse techniques, mixed media, coloring pages, book illustration)
Soft cloth design / toys (for babies and toddlers): soft cloth books, concepts, others
Experiences in fashion design and illustration (handmade illustrations, sketches, flats)
Textile design / textile art

Visual Art, Design, Handmade Illustrations, PSE 12, Fashion Design, Textiles

FREELANCER Design, Visual Art, Illustration
Freelancer: Independent design, visual art, illustrations, customer orders upon request, more
Art & Design Events /Exhibitions: Participation of international art & design events, international award – winning designer/artist
JUROR: "Boodschappentaas Competition 2005", Venlo/NL
TEACHER: "Fashion drawing- and illustration", "Fashion Design", Kulturforum Alte Post, Neuss/DE
DESIGNER: BMZ,AD Agency, Düsseldorf/DE, 3 month
INTERN (study, full time): Fashion production, fashion, advertising, printed textiles, 11 month
Product Consultant & Sales Assistant (fashion,toys,fragrances,stationary,more)


nach Absprache /upon request


Selection of past Clients, organizations
Michigan Hospital/Gifts of Art Project, Manville Arts Council, Carol Simon Levin, Women’s Studies: An Interdisciplinary Journal, The Drum Literary Magazine, VIVA TV GmbH, Boltze Bazar GmbH & Co., Twelve Stars Communication Ltd., Triangle, J. A. Halbritter, Grosselfinger & Partner, Golfino AG, Zuhause, F.A.Z./ Golf International, Kirstein GmbH, Kulturforum Alte Post Neuss. international art lovers & collectors

Stunden- und Tagessatz

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B. Freelancer Event & Retail (Gewerbe) / Product Consulting& Sales (Assistant)

My Design/ Fashion & Retail Background:
I graduated with a Diploma in (Fashion) Design (1991) in HH / Germany.
Then, I received a scholarship and joined for one year a MA course in London / GB.
Before and besides my studies I gained working experiences in fashion and textile production and advertising (creation) as an intern and freelance designer. In addition, mainly before and during my fashion studies, I worked as a sales assistant in warehouses, stores, at fashion trade fairs and in showrooms.
Currently, I am based in Bremen/Germany, working (mainly) as a freelance designer, visual artist, illustrator.

Customer Service, Retail
I have good and different working experiences in retail and customer service (clients/ target groups, products, communication).
I have a great interest in modern lifestyle, design and art.
More upon request.

Selection of working experiences: Design, Fashion, Art, Illustration
Internships (full time): Fashion production, printing textiles, advertising
Freelancer (self- employed) Design, Visual Art, Illustration
Teaching appointment: Fashion Design & Fashion Illustrations
Participation of international art & design events
Visits of international trade fairs & exhibitions (fashion, textiles, design, art)
Participation (diverse products, subjects): conferences, workshops

Working experiences: Product Consulting & Sales Assistant
Place: Store, warehouse/department stores, trade fair, showroom
Products: Fashion, toys, sport garments, stationery, fine fragrances, bags, others
Target Groups: Ultimate customer, purchaser
Contract: Seasonal jobs, part time - full time, freelancer
Kind of (mainly): Reception, consulting & sales, presentation of products/ visual merchandising, cashier

General Interest:
Product Consulting & Sales (Assistant): Fashion, Toys, more
Kind of: Ca. 75 - 100%, regularly, events - long term (trade fair / showroom, stores), Germany, UK, Switzerland, and / or upon agreement

More upon agreement:
Events & Trade Fairs (retail, info, counter, registration, etc.), Hostess/ Leadhostess (congress, trade fairs, etc.)
KIDS- Animation (experiences: photography, supervisor, fairy- tale reading, demonstrator (toys) and more)
Demonstrator (products) - moderation

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