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Frontend, UXUI, Processmanagement

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Michael Hildenbrand | Berlin
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I am working as an digital allrounder for 29 years, beginning with classical brand and corporate design for agencies at the age of 17. As soon as possible I started working on games and websites beginning with 25 years. Proficiency with my tools and good communication skills helped me to develop myself very fast. Depending on the upcoming projects I focus on specific tasks and technologies and dig deep.
At the moment I fullfill focused 3 different roles:

- Lead/Senior Frontend
- Lead/Senior UXUI
- Processengineering and consulting according to agile manifesto

Most important for me is an agile way of working, with integration of all minds on the same level. Learn more fast and share the knowledge with the team. Question yourself and make use of design thinking and agile work methods to optimize the user experience.


Senacor/LBB/amazon/ADAC Kreditkartenbanking

Senior/Lead Frontend
Allgemein: Development of a credit card banking app for desktop and mobile web with Angular. Update of the current Angular2 first version. Architectural decisions, like stores, BEMIT and removal of ng UI frameworks and libraries.
JIRA, Confluence, Bitbucket, CICD, Angular, SASS, webpack, Typescript, Cypress, Docker, Bootstrap

Unified component approach for LBB, amazon and ADAC brand. Styleguide generation and UX and UI for desktop, mobile web and app design.
sketch, Adobe CC, inVision

Deutsche Bahn Projekt weColli
Projekt weColli: Establishing of a future startup of DB, processmanagment,
Lead Architekt Frontend, Lead UXUI, HR
Generell: Development of a transport management system with newest technolgies as we are pushing udn pulling much data in realtime.

Processmanagement ( 8 Personen im Startup):
Establishing agile processes, sprint definition, DoD and DoR, implementation of design thinking, documentation and coaching. Setup processes with JIRA, Confluence, Bitbucket, Buildpipelines and CircleCI for CI/CD

Lead UXUI ( 2 UXUI):
Design of the base style guide for desktop and mobile apps. Design of the desktop dispatch solution for transport planning and monitoring. Design of carrier/driver mobile apps with branded interfaces for IKEA, Puma and adidas. User testing and analytics regarding UX aspects. Definition of UX flows. UI Design for all apps. Tools used in the process: sketch, Adobe CC, Flinto, Mockplus, Overflow, inVision

Lead Frontend ( 2 Devs):
Evaluation of tech stacks for specific purposes of high demanding apps. Evaluated react, reactnative, vue.js, vue.js with nativescript and PWAs. After evaluation vue.js with native was choosen as a our tech stack. Vue.js was combined with nativescript and vertex.js for high performance. REST interfaces only for the open platform of weColli. Sockets for realtime data transmission. SASS with BEMIT for styling. HTML5 and PWA for desktop apps. Components in an own repo to modularize development. Implementation of two views for DT and mobile native in one app. So we could compile for web and native apps with one source. Main technologies used: vue.js, vertex.js, SASS, BEMIT, HTML5, intelliJ, git, AWS, circleci. AG
Customer Experience
Generell: Product- und Processmanagment, Frontend Lead und UX

Lead (50 people Startup with 10 FE Devs und 3 UXUI)
Tech and Tasks: Angular 5 with Redux, Bitbucket, Bamboo, Buildpipelines, Prozesse für UX/UI, Frontend Architektur, Brand Styleguide, UX Flows, UI Styleguide, Entwicklung eines Self-Service Portals (Greenfield), OAuth und Securityconcepts for FE Architecture, Flinto, Sketch, Mockplus, InVision, Scrum Process Refinement

Volkswagen FS AG digital unit

Project S & I Germany
Generell: Fullstack Developer 80%, UX UI 20%, Lead FE (4 Devs)
Technologies: Angular 5 SPA, Confluence, Buildpipelines, AWS, AWS Lambdas, Docker, Custom CSS lib for Audi Brand based on Atomic Design pattern, node.js Microservice Development with express.js, Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, HTML, CSS, Implementation of Design Thinking and process defintion for developers sprint and product/UX UI sprint

Project Financial Leasing Europe
Generell: 100% UX UI
Lead UX (8 UXUI‘ler Departmentsize 100 people)
Tech: Sketch, Mockplus, Invision, Adobe CC, Bootstrap, HTML, ;CSS
Tasks: Redesigning the financial service UX UI with an interface for 25 Markets globally with 5 brands of Volkswagen in each market in close communication with brands

eBay /

Projekt Trust n Safety: Frontenddevelopment, Componentdevelopment
Generell: Frontendcomponent development, Management
Kanban, JIRA,, Jenkins, Maven, git, HTML5, CSS3, Responsive Webdesign, UX, react.js, redux, SOY Templates, ES6

Projekt EditPage: Frontenddevelopment, Components, Architecture
Kanban, HTML5, CSS3, Responsive Webdesign, react.js, redux

Die Welt n24 GmbH
Project: Development of the new webpage of Der Welt. Finishing the merge of Die Welt and n24 in one webpage.
General: Scala Play und Scala in combination with Typescript. Custom reactive component based architecture, similar to react - but custom developed to minimize loading times at all cost.
Scrum, JIRA,Typescript, HTML, CSS, Sass, Scala, Scala Play

Projekt News & Style: Visual Design, UX Design, Concepts, Prototyping, Frontenddevelopment, Slidercomponent, Blog with new CMS

General: Frontendkomponentenentwicklung, Management
Scrum, JIRA, Confluence, Jenkins, Maven, git, HTML5, CSS3, Responsive Webdesign, UX

Projekt myFeed/ Dein Zalando: UX Design, Concepts, UI Design, Frontenddevelopment, complete visual redesign
Tasks and Tech:
Scrum, JIRA, Confluence, Jenkins, Maven, gulp, Karma, Mocha, backbone.js, HTML5, CSS3, Responsive Webdesign, Mustache, Handlebars, Kanban

Projekt Wishlist: Conception, Research, Frontenddevelopment
Scrumban, JIRA, Confluence, git enterprise, HTML5, CSS3, Responsive Webdesign, react.js, redux, Webcomponents, Radical Agility

Bemer Group
Projekt: Development of Shop, one global webpage, single sign in portal and backoffice app in 1 month based on a component library.
Generell: Development of the architecture, Lead
Scrum, JIRA, react, redux, ES6

frentle GmbH
Concepts, Frontend optimization, Prototyping, Screendesign, frontenddevelopment,
Workflowdevelopment, Processengineering
with Scrum and Agile, Devops with Pipelinesetup, Buildsystem concept
and implementation
Tech & Tasks:
JIRA, Stash, Confluence, git, HTML5, CSS3, Creative Suite, Invision,
Keynote, Javascript, require.js, backbone.js, jQuery, gulp.js, node.js

RaySafe AG
Development of a new UXUI. Design had to be lightweight, friendly
and high tech similar to their industrial design. Also, the design has
to be very unique in style.
Conception, Screendesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, UXUI, Webdevelopment,

eCommerce platform with Magento for multiple brands. Consulting,
UXUI, Magento Template und module development, serveradministration,
migration und setup of logging and monitoring
systems, load-balancing und clustering, training of employess.
Integration of AfterBuy, Amazon Marketplace and Idealo.
Tasks and tech:
Screendesign, Webdevelopment, Magento, Moduledevelopment,
Apache Webserver Loadbalancing & traffic optimizinh, MySQL Clustering,
PHP optimizing, Contenteditor training, server monitoring
munin, backupstrategx, Serverarchitecture

JHWerkzeug GmbH
(05/2008 - aktuell)
New concept for the webpage and the printmedia with the development
of a custom eCommerce system. Development of an UX,
that fits the special needs of an industrial reseller with thousands of
Tasks and Tech:
Corporate Design, Screendesign, InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator,
Concept, Magento, ModX.

iHome AG and Ytong Bausatzhaus GmbH
Development of an tablet app.
App 1:
Management system for project leads of real estate building. It contained
management and controlling modules with gant charts. Custom
interface with direct connection to the CRM. Documentationmanagement.
App 2:
Salesapp for use with the customer. Interactive design with helpsystem,
connection to example design and an complex survey with 120
fields. Direct connection to CRM. Keeps track of customer service.
Tasks & Tecg:
HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, SOAP, REST, Webservices, Phonegap, node.js,
angular.js, SugarCRM with a custom framework for mobile app development,
AJAX, jSON, Responsive Webdesign
Zielplatform: Android und iOS

sonnenkarte in collaboartion with
Sonnenklar TV und Media Euro GmbH
Screendesign and CMS implementation. Development of a mastercard
banking interface, to submit all transactions under fullfilment of
all security standards set by mastercard. Additionally an CRM interface
is added for customer interaction and services.
Tasks and tech:
Screendesign, Webdelopment, SOAP RESTinterfaces for SugarCRM,
SugarCRM connected to the Bank API, security standards implemented
according to mastercard and european guidelines, Ticketingmodule
for SugarCRM with connection to the website

conceptHAUS GmbH
Branddevelopment and placement with a new concept, corporate
design and a webpage. Development of many interfaces with SugarCRM
and SOAP/REST APIs. Additionally integration of external
Tech & Tasks:
Corporate Design, Webdesign, Development, VIP area with usermanagment,
CRM Analyse, CRM concept & realisation, SOAP REST interfaces
and development of a custom framework with PHP for direct
connection of webpage with CRM

Ad-Games Masterfood Inc. und MARS Inc.
Adgame for the introduction of a new packaging. Concept, design
and project lead in an custom build team. The design has been done
with Softimage, all character animation also. Additionally the corresponding
microsites where also developed. This adgame achived in
an european add games award the second place.
Projectlead, Concept & idea, design, animation, Photoshop, Illustrator,
Softimage, Communitycommunication and development,
microsite design


UXUI, Sketch, Axure, Figma, Corporate Design, UX research, heuristic
evaluations, prototyping, wireframeing, user stories

Webdevelopment Frontend:
HTML5, CSS3, SASS,Javascript, Typescript, vue.js, react, Angular,
jQuery, extJS, Responsive Webdesign, react, redux, webpack, node.
js, vert.x

node, PHP, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Linux, Apache, Load-Balancing und
Clustering, SOAP, REST, vert.x,Websockets, AWS, Cloud, CI/CD

IntelliJ, VisualStudio, Adobe CC, Maven, GIT, SVN, IntelliJ, JIRA, Confluence,

Webanwendungen für Android, iOS, SPA, PWA, nativescript, reactnative

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