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Full Stack Web Developer

Allan Fitzpatrick | Berlin | Remote
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  • Englisch (Muttersprache)


Bachelor of Arts


Although I have a strong knowledge of PHP, Vanilla JS, and HTML5, my passion lies in CSS and pushing the limitations of what is possible. I have always had a strong eye for detail and working at a digital agency, while being responsible for multiple different projects, has allowed me the opportunity to refine this skill.

Strong knowledge of SASS, PHP, Vanilla JS, and HTML5.
Skilled in Google Marketing Platform programs such as Analytics, Tag Manager and Adsense.
Competent in XML and Javascript frameworks and libraries.
Adept in multiple CMS’s such as Wordpress, Magento, and Processwire.
Experience in Headless CMS via a RESTful API, Agile (Scrum) methodologies and Cross-Browser testing.
Expertise in version control tool Git and repositories such as Github and Bitbucket and in using Jenkins continuous integration (CI) tool.
Proficient in using Mac OS X and Windows operating system environments.


My current freelance agency

Some selected sites that I have be worked on

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I am also the Technical Director at LOLA, a non-profit cultural platform for Berlin. LOLA’s core activity is the publishing of an English language cultural magazine about Berlin, and my first involvement with the project was in building a website for the magazine. Currently I have set up a freelance creative agency through the Lola brand.

I thrive when working on fresh, new projects that have a strong focus on UI and UX design and for me, collaboration is the most rewarding aspect of any project I work on. My main mission is to progress my career by working on exciting and challenging new projects.

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