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High Integrity System, Master Program


I have several years Experience in Java and PHP, Experience with Spring Boot, Cake-PHP.
Database: MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle.

June 2017 - May 2020 Sedgwick Claim track (proprietary claims management system)
Activities Fixing bugs, design and develop new features
Role Development
Technology/Method/Tools PHP, Zend Framework, Smarty, SVN, Virtual Box, LAMP, Bootstrap, Prototype JS, Docker
May 2018 –
Activities Fixing bugs
Role Development
Technology/Method/Tools Locomotive CMS, Ruby on Rails and MongoDB, Docker

Jul 2016 – Sep 2016 Issue Book
Activities Add new modules, Fix issues of existing modules and test
Role Developer
Technology/Method/Tools JAVA EE, Intra-mart JEE framework tag library, intra-mart Script Library, SpringBoot, JPA, PostgreSQL, AJAX, JavaScript, GIT, Redmine. Agile Methodologies, Unit Test

April 2016 – May 2016 Banking Software
Activities Add new modules, Fix issues of existing modules and test
Role Trainee Developer
Technology/Method/Tools Spring, Oracle, Struts 2.0, Apache Tomcat and REST

Mar 2015 – Mar 2016
Employer bankcomparebd
Activities Requirement Analysis, Design and developed all modules till deployment as a standalone project developer and supervise a small team of 3 members. It’s a product service of different bank loans, deposits and others comparison, Develop the calculation and algorithms for loans and deposits.
Role Lead developer
Technology/Method/Tools PHP, Framework CakePHP, MySQL, Apache, Bootstrap 3.3.1, Ajax, Google Maps API, High Charts, JavaScript, GIT, Bitbucket. Angular, LAMP, Agile.

Jan 2012 – Dec 2014 Travel ERP
Activities Develop different module of Hotel ERP bases rules and rates modules, supplier modules and integrate data from different API into the system which developed by least supervision.
Role Sr. Developer (Team member- 3)
Technology/Method/Tools CakePHP, Apache, Ajax, jQuery, CURL, V Model, SOAP, REST API, JSON, BIRT Reporting Tools and Hotel Booking API’s (TRAVCO, Meeting Point, Bonotel, YouTravel etc). GIT, Unit Test.

Feb 2011 – June 2012 MEDSIT Development Limited.
Activities Multi-level marketing management system. Implement algorithms of referral hierarchies and develop other reporting modules and its calculations.
Role Developer
Technology/Method/Tools CakePHP, MySQL 5.5, jQuery, CURL, Windows Scheduler, REST, JSON, SVN

July 2010 – June 2011 Cargo Management System
Activities Develop the modules of People sending items in the carrier and calculate payments and develop tracking sending items. Develop branch management system module and its ACL.
Role Developer
Technology/Method/Tools PHP, framework CakePHP, MySQL 5.5, Apache, Ajax, jQuery, CURL, Windows Scheduler, REST, JSON, SVN

August 2009 – July
Activities Develop Jobs, News and another module of front-end and back-end
Role Developer
Technology/Method/Tools CodeIgniter, LAMP, jQuery

Feb 2008 – August 2008 Employee Management
Activities Develop inhouse project for the company employee, Leave, attendance Payrolls. Do requirement analysis, design and develop the project alone till deployment
Role Developer
Technology/Method/Tools LAMP, GIT, CodeIgniter, Microsoft Visio (UML)

Sept 2007 – Jan 2008 Bulk SMS software
Activities Develop a standalone project which is sending a bulk sms to a selected group of users.
Role Lead developer
Technology/Method/Tools Java EE, Servlet, JSP, JavaScript, ANT Server

Jan 2006 – Aug 2007 Commission Billing System (CBS),
Agency Control System (ACS)
Personnel Management System (PMS
Activities Life insurance company has three different projects. Where I take part to calculate all customers’ payments and depend on those payments calculated the agents’ commissions, their salaries and their incentives, and how customer get a maturity amount depend on payments. Also, software manages their branch of agents and their distributions, Here develop and extend the modules and fix existing modules.
Role Developer
Technology/Method/Tools Java, JEE Servlet, JavaScript, CSS, JBuilder, SourceSafe Version tools. Ajax, Apache Tomcat Server 4. JDK 1.3. MySQL. Microsoft Visio (UML)


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