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Muhammad Naveez
Immenbusch 7
Hamburg Germany,
I am Muhammad Naveez, MS in Computer systems from Riga Technical University, Latvia June, 2017. I did my
Bachelors in bioinformatics from Government College University Faisalabad, Punjab Pakistan. I am working with the
group of Professor Olaf Wolkenhauer at System Biology and Bioinformatics group at University of Rostock.
I have experienced working on NGS data; I designed a work flow to find out Structure Variants (SV) part form the
sequencing data. Form this SV data I got knowledge where is exact mutation of sequence part. Further I designed
the Molecular Interaction Map MIMs and find the hub nodes. These hub nodes are our targets like biomarkers where
we can try to target can be target to find new drug. For this purpose I am working on logical based molding
I would like to enlist the research work which I did with SBI Rostock.
 I have already worked on Colorectal Cancer. Hence I am familiar to the signaling pathways associated to it.
 I am familiar with the recent research methodologies and publications related to Colon cancer.
 I have experience in multidisciplinary research and have been a part of an internationally diverse research
 I have experienced PPI data bases and their interactions maps.
 I have experienced in Next Generation Sequencing (NGS).
 I found Structure Variants (SV) data from of our collaborators data.
 I made a script and work flow to find SV from Collar project by using Linux with python.
I am attaching, reference letter from Prof. Wokenhauer this letter. I would be glad to be considered for this position.
Yours sincerely,
Muhammad Naveez

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