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DevOps Engineer / IT System Administrator

Christian Dülberg | Remote
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Electronic Engineer


For more than 20 Years, right after my studies in electronic engineering at FH Bochum, I worked as a developer, system administrator and tester in various Companies and Projects. It started 1999 by building a php based wedding portal in germany with my own firm. During the implementation I moved to Thessaloniki (Greece) and managed further developements, administration and customer service remote (Homeoffice in the earliest stage). In 2002 I managed for over 3 years the heterogene IT-Infrastruktur (Windows, Linux, Publishing-Applications) of a local newspaper in Thessaloniki. I changed in 2004 to be an employee at two software development companies. Focus of my work in the first were installation, administration and testing of java-based DMS aside with second- and third-level support for the international customers of the firm. The second firm had a delphi-based ERP-System with customers in swiss. During that time I managed to increase my database-skills and networking, infrastrutur skills at high level. In 2007 I started to build a new webhosting company in Greece ( I was responsible for the IT Infrastructur, Virtualization-technology and administration. We had about 2500 customers at that time. We rapidly claimed to be one of the 5 biggest IT-Companies in Greece and the company exists until today. In search for new challenges, I started my career as a DevOps Engineer and IT System Administrator (Freelancer) in 2011 and worked in many different projects for large german companies like Deutsche Postbank AG, Deutsche Bank AG, ING-Diba-AG, Claas Agro-Systems/365farmnet and Financial Information Technology Services. During that time I gained the experience in Big-Data-management, cloud-computing and the importent field of data-security. I've learned to work ITIL-aligned, with a main focus on fast but also compliant solutions in terms of the european governments.

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