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Jayaram Ramachandran | Berlin | Remote
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Bachelor in Technology


Please accept the enclosed resume as my application for the relevant Infrastructure Services Job opening posted in your reputed organization. I started my technical carrier 5 years back as a Support Engineer after attaining Microsoft certifications. My technical capabilities have extensively grown during my tenure in the current organization that I am working on, which gives me confidence in applying for the company roles under consideration. I am relocating to Germany which gives me plenty of opportunities to work on all the new cutting edge technologies building in the market. In accordance with my current plan, I have successfully attained a Job Seeker Visa which gives me the opportunity to travel and stay in Germany for a period of 6 months so that I can attend interviews in person and get full-time employment in Germany. This gives me direct entry to the German job market and can be available for the onboarding formalities and in-turn convert this Visa to a valid Work permit or Blue card in Germany. Having been certified in A1 level of German Language proficiency and currently pursuing the A2 level language course gives me confidence in working in Germany. My initial plan was to relocate to Germany by April 2020, but due to the prevailing situation of Covid-19 pandemic which is affecting globally, I had to cancel all my travel bookings and reschedule it to the next available travel window. As of now my plan is to travel to Germany by mid of May 2020 hoping that the situation would ease up for travel. I have complete confidence in building the German language proficiency till B1 level once I enter Germany.

Within a span of 5 years, I was able to showcase my technical skills and grow from a Support engineer to my current position, Technical Lead - Infrastructure Services. The urge to work and learn new technologies has helped me extensively to pace up my career. My technical certifications started with Microsoft Windows Server 2012 and have reached the Microsoft Azure certification for working on Cloud infrastructures. I believe my experience in Network, Server, and Infrastructure would be an asset to your organization for running a stable and reliable Infrastructure. More details on my career competencies have been described in detail in the attached resume.

As an IT professional, I am highly dedicated to my work as the priority level set for my work is always on a higher side. My current organization helped me in attaining the service quality which would continue to be the same for my next ventures.

In closing, I would like to say that I would very much like to bring my knowledge and experience to work for your company and am keen to schedule an interview with you so that we can discuss my application in greater detail.

Yours Sincerely,

Jayaram Ramachandran


Erfahrung in Jahren

Windows Server
Microsoft Exchange
Active Directory


Immediate joining


IT, Windows Server, Infrastructure Services, Virtualization, Azure, Exchange and Office365

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