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Tom Soroka | Stolberg (Aachen)
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I'm CEO in We are 50+ developers software house. We are located in Poland, with offices in Germany, Luxembourg, Finland. Our mission is to build the right software and build the software right.

We know that it's not enough that your developed solution is working as expected. The real success is when you have such control on your development that you can switch smoothly one development team to another.

* You have no idea how to start development of your new app?
* Do you feel that developer doesn't understand your business domain?
* Are you struggling with the quality of your software solution?
* Are you struggling with requirements management? Alternatively, you don't manage them at all?
* Do you have a feeling that if you switch development team, then your solution will have to be rewritten from scratch?

Remember 👌:
* Not well-tested software is one of the main reasons for losing clients
* Poor requirements management lead to slowing down development
* Lack of well-written acceptance criteria is the reason for many regressions in applications
* Sloppy code is one of the main reason for rewriting a software solution from scratch after one year of development
* Lack of documentation is one of the reasons for rewriting apps from scratch

How do we help?

Consulting 👍:
* We can guide you how to collect and manage requirements properly
* We can help you in improving the development process
* We can check the quality of your software and give you advice on what needs to be improved

Development 💪:
* We can help in designing your new product
* We can help you in choosing the right technologies
* We can help in building architecture
* We can help you in development
* We can help you in the maintenance of your product
* We can overtake development of your solution

Contact me:

* Mobile: + ××××/×××××××××××××
* Book a free meeting with me:
* My youtube channel:


I am mobile and open to the possibility of meeting and talking. I live and work in Germany everyday. I often go to the Netherlands, Belgium or Luxembourg where I work with many clients. I am flexible, let's talk!


Tom is always looking for new opportunities. Whether this is customer relationship or IT management process he's always pushing things forward. Stagnation doesn’t exists in his dictionary. The success of Leaware is not an incident, it’s his vision, enthusiasm and hard work which drives this company. Your projects are in good hands. --- Kamil Szostakowski, IOS dev

I'm currently working with Tom on a new solution/app and I am pleased that he is putting so much of his dedication in understanding and helping us developing the full concept. Definitely not just an outsourcing solution but Leaware, leaded by Tom, became a strategic partner. Thank you Tom! ----- Nuno Monsant, Head of South America na Playerhunter

As from the first day we met in Hasselt, my gutfeel told me that working with Leaware would be the correct decision to build the mvp of Trooper! Two years later, time has proven that it was the right decision to start collaborating! -- Elisabet Lamote, owner of

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