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Software Solution Architect // Machine Learning & Computer Vision Sci.

Volodymyr Krytskyi | Bytkiw
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With 8 years of experience in web and desktop software development using Microsoft stack of technologies, modern JS frameworks and latest Python libraries I have helped many private customers as well as big multinational corporations to serve their business with the cutting-edge technology solutions. My toolbox includes an extensive stack of technologies for UNIX/Linux/Windows /Android/iOS applications.

Over the last decade, I have managed and worked with small to middle-size teams on multiple projects, creating sophisticated high-load systems from scratch, including blockchain platforms, financial application and health-care portals. Have a good background of working in a distributed team environment across different time zones using agile methodologies.

I'm very passionate about Machine Learning, Computer Vision, AI and IOT. I'm focusing on deep learning using Tensorflow and Keras, have experience working with pre-trained models as well as training and deploying new models on using new deep learning architectures. Have graduated from Udacity Machine Learning and Deep Learning Nanodegrees and currently pursuing Self-Driving Car Nanodegree.

Through the long-term project relationships with the variety of businesses I developed a deep understanding of business process and logic and can provide recommendations on the best possible technical solution for my customers.
I have solid experience working with SalesForce by utilizing native Einstein BI capabilities to create reporting pipeline and developing API connection with other platforms.

If you're looking for someone who can bootstrap a major architecture or set up an efficient AI solution for your business, please feel free to reach out.

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