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Spezialgebiet ist die Konzeption, Implementierung, der Betrieb von IT Architekturen und Software Entwicklungsumgebungen in grossen verteilten IT Organisationen, Einbindung in IT services (z.B. ITIL, CMMI) - IT service setup acc. to ITSM



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Projekt Historie:
December 2015 - present
Airbus Defence and Space
Local Cluster Coordinator for System & Software Engineering - Germany,
Employee @ Sogeti Deutschland GmbH
„Common Harmonized Engineering & Software Services“ @ Airbus Defence & Space, Europe

transition of existing services from old to new supplier
organization & implementation of support prozesses & teams according to ITIL
implementation & generation of KPI reports according to project’s service SLAs
analysis of existing business & IT processes
design & implement new IT prozesses & architectures for setting up global harmonized IT services 

tools / keywords
Atlassian Tools (Jira, Confluence, BitBucket, Crowd)
SCM Tools (Git, Subversion, ClearCase, ….)
Project & CM Tools (Redmine, ClearQuest, ….)
BMC Remedy - implementation of services

July 2007 - November 2015
Airbus Operations, Europe
SCM Architect for Airbus Operations Transnational
Transnational Configuration Management Service Center
consolidation of legacy ClearCase environments
requirements analysis of business processes
design, implementation, operation of the so-called SCM BackBone platform
high available IT platform ( > 20 servers )
Solaris 10 LDOMs on T-series machines
ClearCase/ClearQuest with Websphere App. Server & IBM HTTP Server, Samba in a cluster of LDOMs
ClearCase Multisite in a Sun cluster of LDOMs
Subversion / Apache in a Sun cluster of LDOMs
LDAP service with triad of LDOMs
ZFS file system for easy backup & restore service
QUEST Authentication Service on Solaris 10 to connect UNIX hosts to MS Active Directory
Citrix Terminal Server for ClearCase, ClearQuest, Subversion Windows clients
SW packaging (ClearCase+ClearQuest, Subversion) for Windows PCs within a central SCCM environment
> 3000 subversion user, > 2000 subversion repositories, > 1200 ClearCase, ClearQuest user,
> 1000 ClearCase Vobs
process model design & implementation
ClearCase “best practice” process support
ClearCase UCM (some projects)
Subversion “best practice” process support
specific process models, e.g. DevOps for CATIA add ons

September 2000 - June 2007
Commerzbank AG
ClearCase Support Investment Banking
ClearCase (SCM) Support Center
ClearCase DB servers in Veritas clusters
design, implementation, operation, support of investment specific process model based on ClearCase (development -> integration -> deployment)
ClearCase usage support
Solaris, Win/NT, C++, Sniff+, Purify, Quantify, perl, Java, ClearCase/Multisite, Websphere, WSAD, Visual Studio, ASP.NET, eclipse
cooperation with bank’s project for setting up ITIL conform IT services

EADS - Astrium
Quality and Configuration Engineer
SCM environment for the Ground Checkout Software of the International Space Station
SW engineering environment based on ClearCase (configuration management) and Oracle (change management)
environment & tools:
SunOS, Solaris, HP-UX
Ada - Aonix & Rational
SmallTalk, C Tcl/TK, DataViews
Oracle DB
Norway (1)
Germany (2)
Belgium (1)
France (1)
USA - Houston TX (1)

EADS - Astrium
Product Engineer
Ground Checkout Software of the International Space Station
Product “Test Configuration Tool” (Norway)
Product “Test Result Database” (Belgium)
requirements analysis (SADT)
software architectural design (HOOD)
control of implementation with Ada & C at contractor’s site
rollout, integration, validation and final deployment of products in the frame of the ground checkout environment = space control center.

Feb. 2000 - Aug.2000 :

Company : Deutsche Börse Systems
Project : Xetra (trading) implementation in Java
Support of project in usage of PVCS in a NT environment, implementation of specific scripts for process control with Perl-5.

Dec. 1999:
Company : DASA (now EADS,Astrium)
Project : SW development facility for onboard SW (International space station)
I"ve developed / implemented a make file driven SW development environment to allow for usage in a * ClearCase based environment * ClearCase + PDB (customer specific project control system) based environment * pure UNIX file system without any changes of make files, means import/export between different sites (of one of the above mentioned alternatives) is possible by using predefined ClearCase or UNIX commands.
Environment: Ada, C, Oracle, Sparc - Solaris, Intel - Solaris, VxWorks

Company : DG Bank (now DZ Bank)
Project Summit (trading system) :
Especially the release management was totally new designed and implemented, where ClearCase is extremly used. I´ve implemented a set of scripts, which together realize a concept, which allows to control all SW changes from release to release. A SW release consists at least of a Solaris SW package, which can be installed and de-installed with the packaging facility of the Solaris OS. For every release (SW package) the baseline (=status/configuration of the project at time of release creation) is identified, which is very important for maintenance purposes.
The complete build management has been based on Imake and Clearmake to ensure a consistent build (tools) baseline.
The scripts have been implemented with language Perl Version 5.002. The implementation languages used in the project are C and C++., operating system = UNIX/Solaris.

in 1998:
Company : DG Bank (now DZ Bank)
Solaris System Administration:
normal system admin activities in an environment of Solaris/NT hosts (about 200) like : printer setups, NIS master/slave/client setup, NFS, TCP/IP, SW installations, OS upgrades, ... , and as a special task ClearCase administration.

GMO Hamburg / Lufthansa
Quality Assurance & Methods Support
re-design and implementation of Lufthansa’s accounting systems (passengers & cargo)
project progress control manager
software quality manager
method & tools support for SA/SD, IEF

PSI Berlin
Software Integration Engineer
SIMPRO: simulation of automotive manufacturing processes with Petri nets
implementation of the product GUI on Apollo machines
implementation of the SW engineering environment on an Apollo Token Ring with DSEE ( = the root of ClearCase )

PSI Berlin
Software Engineer
SE tools BOIE & Net
implementation & trade fair support
BOIE = syntax oriented programming editor
Net = Petri Net tool

GEI Aachen
Working Student (in the course of the diploma)
ProMod - CASE Tool
design and implementation of the automatic generation of a software architecture from a software requirements model (SA/SD

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