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Data Science Consultant

Andreas Schwarzkopf | Berlin
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Experienced data monetization strategist and enthusiastic team leader with technical hands-on background, passionate about building data driven organizations.

Startup owner, advisor and manager in areas of Data Science, Marketing Automation, AdTech, Big Data Analytics, telecom data monetization.

During my last project I have captured business requirements, helped to sharpen the product vision, developed a productization approach for machine learning models, established agile development process for predictive modeling in high load production environment based on Hadoop / Spark / Python. I have sourced and hired the data platform team consisting of Data Scientists, Big Data Engineers and Big Data Architect with following skills and experience: Python Machine Learning, Hadoop + Spark, MPP, ETL, SQL with background in AdTech, FinTech, Telecom, Video streaming, Artificial Intelligence, Geo-Locations.

Engaged as interim CTO, advisor and co-founder in several data driven startups, fueled by machine learning, AI and chatbots.
Developed the product vision together with the co-founders. Sourced and assembled several teams of engineers and data scientists, implemented agile data science and software development process. Successfully developed products in the areas of lead scoring and lead generation, churn prediction, upsale/crosssale, capturing insights.

Founder of a Data extraction and analytics startup
Started alone, developed everything by myself in the first 2 years (Python, PostgeSQL, Machine Learning)
Major customer: e-commerce group (1100 emp., 400m EUR rev, public company)
Signed long term supplier contract with the biggest European property marketplace and one of the biggest car marketplaces.
Data Extraction:
Web data scraping for further analytics purposes – high load, high volume, high precision (2 Terabytes monthly, 97% daily scraping accuracy over months)
Data Analytics:
- Predicting sales opportunities
- Churn prediction
- Best price prediction
- Matching listing objects between marketplaces
Worked with several customer teams within the customer group:
- Data Science team for deeper market analytics
- Market navigator team for delivering market data to partners
- Sales team for lead generation
- Campaign management to trigger churn prevention
Team: hired 10 local and remote multicultural software engineers and data scientists
Data collection and analytics agency for enterprises (6 employees)
Customers: Major european property, jobs and cars marketplaces
sold 100% to former Management of the customer.
Established a large data crawling platform to collect, extract and analyze unstructured data from the internet for enterprise customers. Started the project alone, acquired the major customer, bBuilt a team of 10 developers and data scientists, organized remote agile collaboration. Achieved outstanding results with predictive analytics: 66% sale probability out of my our lead recommendations based on lookalike modeling. Technologies: MySQL, PostgreSQL, Python (Pandas, NumPy, Scikit-learn, NLTK), Machine Learning, Data Mining, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Hadoop, MongoDB, Elasticsearch, ETL, Visualization (Excel, D3).

- English - working proficiency since 10 years
- German - second native language
- Russian - native language


Ab 01.08.2017


Scout24, Magix, Parallels, MeForo, Jobeye, Aristolo, Strivio, TheSaaSco, Wendero, Storyloft


- Digital Marketing and E-commerce: 20 years
- Software Development: 18 years
- Data Science / Analytics: 17 years
- Team Management: 15 years
- Entrepreneurship: 12 years

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