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Java, Frontend Entwicklung

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 Java SE, Java EE, Spring, Spring MVC, Hibernate  JavaScript, AngularJS  RDBMS MySQL  RESTful web services, SOAP web services  Windows platform, Linux platform  Web technologies: XML, XSLT, HTTP, SOAP, HTML  Fluent English

2010 – present (6+ years)

June 2016 — till now

Senior Java / Full stack Developer SoftGreat During last five months, I participated in the development of three websystems based on similar technology platform: Payment Portal, Maid Scheduler, Materials Marketplace. Main technologies Java, Spring MVC, Hibernate, MySQL, AngularJS.

Payment Portal is a system that allow registered users manage their payments for using some resources.

Maid Scheduler is a system for cleaning company to manage their resources. It gives possibility to generate optimal schedule for tidy teams and represent this info in convenient to use views that allows system users easily make changes.

Materials Marketplace is a system for materials trade. Users and companies can register, publish materials, and then start negotiation conversation and make deals. Duties: 1). Application architecture analysis and creating data model. 2). Development both back and front parts of the system.

February 2012 — May 2016

Java / Fullstack developer During last three years, I had the opportunity to participate in the development of three major web-systems: Amargo Platform, Roomex System and GP Travel Hub.

Amargo Platform (February 2012 - January 2013). Main technologies Java EE (JSP and servlets) and XSLT, XML, JavaScript, Jquery. Main target of the project - development of IBE (Internet Booking Engine) for online booking flights and other travel services (hotels, cars, transfers etc). OpenJaw xDistributor and xRez were used as the core of the system. Duties: 1). Development of front and middle parts of the system based on the OJ xRez (mechanisms of vouchers Page, passenger’s validation mechanisms of information, various kinds of filters search results and more). 2). Development of the backend system based on the OJ xDist (targets for improvement of the connector to the GDS Galileo and other connectors).

Roomex System (January 2013 - August 2013). Main technologies XSLT, XML, MySQL. Main target of the project – development of online hotel reservation system. OJ xDistributor and GP Travel Hub were used as the core of the system. During the work on the project were implemented about seven large automation tasks for sales facilities in the backend of the system, including: 1). Integration of the two hotel connectors in OJ xDist through GP Hub. 2). Implementation of the new search engine for the OJ Travco connector for faster processing of search results. 3). Improvement of all (more than 10) mechanisms of automatic static data import with the purpose to allow load information by parts and increase the speed of the load process.

August 2010 — January 2011
4). Implementation static information loaders for Hotusa and Tourico connectors. 5). Implementation mechanism of dynamic information on Terms and Conditions for the OJ connector JAC and more. During the work on the project Roomex in active communication with the customer acquired the knowledge and experience of the decision as a purely technical issues and issues of business logic on the system integration API connectors to various suppliers of hotels.

GP Travel Hub (August 2013 – till May 2016). Main technologies Java EE, Spring, XSLT, XML, MySQL. Main target of the project – development of GP Travel Hub of travel services of all possible kinds of products (flights, hotels, tours, transfers, car, insurance, etc.). Posts supporting search and booking with the cancellation and modification. GP Travel Hub includes over 20 of hotel connectors 4 connector to the GDS air travel, more than 5 connector transfers, excursions over 5 connectors, is part of the GP Travel Platform as the foundation for the web-systems of most types of players in the travel market. During work on the project: 1). Integrated connector RCR hotels connector. 2). Integrated part of the messages of Amadeus Hotels, created static information loader and has implemented common logic to work with session. 3). Implemented a number of improvements of existing hotels connectors (including HotelBeds, HotelsPro, Miki) and a lot of support tasks. 4). Developing mechanisms for static information load to the connectors. 5) Performed a number of significant enhancements to improve the connector CarDelMar and whole Car Rental API. 6) Participated in the development of Rail API to integrate the railway carriers.

Java Developer Development and improvement flight sale system Main technologies Java EE (JSP and servlets) and XSLT, XML. Main target of the project - ensuring the possibility of booking on other tourist services (hotels, auto, excursions) together with flights on facility of the address to web-services of partner companies. Herewith frontend of web-site at booking of the value-added services must was have the same style as in case of booking only flights.

1). Development JSP pages and XSLT transformations for frontend part of the system.
2). Development xDistributor for system integration with web-services partner means different protocols.
3). Participation in the testing of the system with the customer before the next release. It was a team work with foreign partners.

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