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agile, Akka, Architecture, Architekt, Bash, C, C++, CDI, communication skills, CSS, DB2, Eclipse, EclipseLink, EJB, ELK , Gatling, Generalist, Git, Gradle, hands-on, Hibernate, HTML, IBM WebSphere, IBM WebSphere Portal, Intellij, IT Architecture, J2EE, J2SE, Java, JavaScript , JAX-RS, JAX-WS, JEE, JEE Architektur, JEE Entwicklung, Jenkins Nexus, JMS, JPA, jQuery, JSE, Maven, MongoDB, MySQL, ObjectiveC, Octave, Oracle, Play, Portlet, pragmatic, Python, R, Rational, REST, result-driven, Sbt, Scala, Scrum, SOAP, Software Development, Software Development Process, Software Quality Assurance Sonar, Softwareentwicklung Agile Software Development, Spring, Sprint-MVC, SQL, Subversion, SVN, team player, Technologieberatung, UML, XML, XSL, XSLT


Automotive: Supply chain planning and forecast

Date(s): November 2015 – December 2016

Summary: The software calculates the forecast of the supply chain needs depending on the variations of car configurations in different geographies and for the portfolio of car models.

Technology: GlassFish 3.1.2, Oracle 12, JEE 6, Java 7, CDI, AngularJS, REST, JMS, EJB 3, JPA 2, EclipseLink, Jenkins, Maven, SVN, Sonar, Flyway

Role and Contribution: Lead Developer: Develop central components like the versioned object store and data import and update processes in a system which is heavily depending on data delivered via external interfaces. I implemented performance measuring and optimisations. I lead a small team of developers responsible for central subsystems.

Automotive: Unified Sales Platform

Date(s): February 2014 – October 2015

Summary: The platform implements the sales process from offer to order, pricing, billing and handover of cars and motorcycles. The platform is implemented as a classical JEE application with interfaces to various existing backend systems. The platform consolidates a wide area of functionalities around vehicle sales. The project involves many parts of the organization, is developed in a program over several years with a team of around 70+ team members in an agile way.

Technology: Gatling (Scala, Akka), Payara GlassFish 4.1, GlassFish 3.1.2, Oracle 12, Oracle 11g, JEE 6, Java 7/8, CDI, JSF, REST, SOAP, EJB 3, JPA 2, EclipseLink, Jenkins, Maven, SVN, Sonar, LoadRunner, Flyway, AngularJS

Role and Contribution: Solution Architect: Implementation of performance measuring, structured logging and performance optimization. Building and controlling a software quality assurance process, run regular code reviews, design refactoring and architectural changes.

Finance: User Management Process

Date(s): November 2013 – January 2014

Summary: The client manages subscriptions and access to their intranet collaboration platform based on IBM Connections with a custom approval process. The target is to streamline the existing process, make it more robust and reduce management cost by automating the process. Users are requesting different access levels with different subscription and payment models. A second goal is to enable users of different access levels to edit their profiles and keep the data in sync across different backend systems.

Technology: IBM WebSphere Portal 8, IBM Web Content Manager 8, Tivoli Directory Server 6.3, Tivoli Directory Integrator, DB2 9.7, IBM Connections 4.5, Rational Team Concert, JSR 286 Portlets, Spring, JPA (OpenJPA), REST services, FreeMarker templating

Contribution: Solution Architect: Design the data model and the technical solution for process automation. Define the technical components, interfaces and the systems integration.

Chemical: High Level Technical Design

Date(s): August 2013 – November 2013

Summary: The high level technical design defines high level requirements and the solution outline of a B2C collaboration platform for the client’s customers and its personnel. It includes support for mobile devices as well as integration with analytics data feed by big data sources and social media.

Technology: IBM WebSphere Portal 8, IBM Web Content Manager 8, DB2 9.7, IBM Connections 4.5, IBM Tivoli Directory Server, IBM Cognos, IBM Content Analytics, IBM Big Insight, IBM Enterprise Service Bus, SAP Mobile Platform, IBM Security Access Manager

Role / Contribution: Solution Architect / Design the technical blueprint for the B2C social portal.

Finance: Event Management

Date(s): January 2013 – August 2013

Summary: The event management application allows creating and managing company internal events or organizing events for company internal conferences. Users of the collaboration platform can host or register for new events and handle communication with other participants, hosts and admins. The application has been realized as portal application using Spring MVC portlet for the UI and JPA for persistence. It integrates with the client’s collaboration portal and uses IBM Connections profile data to connect users.

Technology: IBM WebSphere Portal 8, IBM Web Content Manager 8, DB2 9.7, IBM Connections 3, Spring MVC, JPA (Hibernate), Maven

Role / Contribution: Lead developer: Designed and developed the application from scratch with a small team of developers. I developed the application template and central components. I setup build and deploy scripts including continuous testing.

Communications: Portal Upgrade

Date(s): May 2012 – December 2012

Summary: The client upgraded their intranet application platform from Portal 6 to Portal 8 and refreshed infrastructure and software. The UI was refreshed with a new brand style based on the latest Portal 8 theme and existing intranet applications have been migrated. A focus was the modernisation and streamlining of the development and maintenance life cycle using RAF 3 automation. The implementation of a development and build chain with continuous integration and modern build tools (Gradle, Nexus, Jenkins, TeamForge, Git) and their integration with RAF and Portal enable the client to promote their application platform, scale it to their needs and consolidate applications. The automation enables quick rollouts of new environments and applications on existing infrastructure in few hours.

Technology: IBM WebSphere Portal 8, RAF 3, Git, Gradle, Nexus, Jenkins

Role / Contribution: Solution architect and technical project leader

Insurance: Quotes and Apply Application for Agents

Date(s): Februar 2012 – April 2012

Summary: To support insurance agents in their daily job the quotes and apply process is centralized on a portal platform which integrates with the insurance backend services. The solution is a wizard like application that is modularized and can be reused to implement more and future processes. Functionality can be extended reusing and customizing existing components. A Service based approach supports the high level of reuse.

Technology: IBM WebSphere Portal 6.1.5, RAD 7.5, JSF, Soap Services

Role / Contribution: Developer:

Development, maintenance and optimization of project efficiency and the agile methodology

Communications: Pre-study for a Portal Upgrade

Date(s): December 2011, January 2012

Summary: Architectural study to assess the upgrade options and outline the upgrade solution for an Intranet Portal.

Technology: IBM WebSphere Portal 6.0, IBM WebSphere Portal 8, RAF 3

Role / Contribution: Solution Architect

Consumer Electronics: Intranet Portal and Collaboration

Date(s): November 2011

Summary: Intranet project based on WebSphere Portal 7, WCM and Connections 3. The intranet is integrating employees profiles with intranet content. The scope of the (sub-)project has been to details requirements around the profiles part and describe the technical solution with regards to the integration of existing directories (AD and Domino) and their integration in the intranet portal.

Technology: IBM WebSphere Portal 7, IBM WCM 7, IBM Connections 3, Spring MVC

Role / Contribution: Developer:

Gather requirements, solution outline and implement the people finder integration of Portal and Connections.

Banking: Proof of Concept for e-Invoicing Portal

Date(s): October 2011

Summary: e-Invoicing solution with user experience for portal technology and mobile devices (iPad) for a Scottish bank. The PoC solution integrates with a payment backend, reads and updates customer invoice information and presents invoice lists, details and actions for byers and sellers in role dependent views.

Technology: IBM WebSphere Portal 7, JSF, Dojo, Rest services

Role / Contribution: Developer:

Media: Relaunch of site Kabeleins.de

Date(s): December 2010 to August 2011

Summary: The site kabeleins.de has been relaunched based on a new web design that focussed on a video centric approach, ease of use, new dynamic web technologies and a flexible model for managing advertisement on the site. The editorial system has been built from scratch on the Polopoly software to leverage these requirements and to build an editorial system that helps the editors to concentrate on content creation. Thus the client migrated from an existing Imperia WCMS to the Polopoly system. An automated video feed imports videos from a video database to the WCMS to save editors time.

Technology: Polopoly Web Content Management, Tomcat, Jboss, Maven, Hudson, SVN, Varnish, MySQL

Role / Contribution: Lead Developer:

He led the IBM developers in a mixed Scrum team with IBMers, Partners and client people forming a small (12) project team that has been split into 2 agile Scrum teams. Ansgar implemented the continuous integration system on Hudson, worked on the release deployment and the automatic import of videos from the video databases. As the team was small and agile (no classical role of an architect) He joined the development team to implement the editorial system with the Polopoly API.

Media: Online Booking System

Date(s): September 2010 to December 2011

Summary: Online Booking System is a systems for agencies to book commercial blocks for private free TV. The client's existing booking system is over 10 years old and needed to be replaced. The new system is embedded in the client's internet portal solution and thus is implemented as a portlet application. Technically the portlet is developed on a JSF, JEE Stack with icefaces on Liferay and tomcat. It is connected to a backend application which is extended for OBS and is based on IBM WebSphere Application Server. Communication protocol of portal and backend is EJB / RMI over IIOP based.

Technology: Liferay / Tomcat, MySQL, RedHat, AIX, WebSphere 6, Informix, Icefaces, Portlet JSR286, JSF

Role / Contribution: Application Architect: Code review, quality assurance and coaching the development team regarding portal and frontend development. Resolve java web development issues. Find and resolve dependencies regarding the portal platform which is implemented by another supplier of the client. Help the project team to identify and solve critical issues early in the project.

Media : Stream – Online Video

Date(s): February 2010 to November 2011

Summary: Replacement of the video delivery service for video content and video syndication including the video online playout with a new in-house solution that is independent from the existing provider. Automatic page generation in the web content management systems and partner systems based on central video data. Replacement of the existing, external Video Asset Management Solution with an in-house solution

Technology: Lamp on RedHat, MySQL, Apache, PHP / Zend, Flash, JavaScript, JQuery

Role / Contribution: Solution Design, Architectural Decisions, Operational Design. Roll-out planning and execution. Coordination of the development team and project team.

Insurance: Bank Portal

Date(s): January 2009 to January 2010

Summary: Lead architect for a online banking portal. The customer had a challenging schedule as he had to launch the portal within 5 months. This first release comprised a customer online banking portal with securities account functionality, a call center application and an information portal for agencies. The portal has been realized with IBM WebSphere Portal technology

Technology: IBM WebSphere Portal 6.1, TypeWriter (a custom CMS), Oracle, RedHat, Maven, JSF, Spring, Hibernate

Role / Contribution: Ansgar was responsible for the technical design and for technical decisions of the solution. He coordinated the collaboration with the technical teams (interfaces, infrastructure, hosting). He supported the client with additional coordination and technical quality assurance for the on-boarding process of 400.000 new customers to the new online banking portal.

Government : Proposal for Electronic Land Register

Date(s): August 2008 to May 2009

Summary: Proposal for introduction of a modern electronic system for the management of the German land register. Consolidate and migrate 3 existing systems into one system. Migrate paper based documents into an electronic database.

Technology: WebSphere Application Server 6, SCA, JSF, Open JPA, Oracle, Informix, JMS, Eclipse RCP / Expeditor

Role / Contribution: Ansgar was the lead architect for the proposal. Thus, he has been responsible for the technical solution, the solution quality, the project approach and architectural questions regarding the proposal. He did the cost estimation for design, implementation and test of the solution. He coordinated the technical team regarding operational and functional design and presented and defended the technical solution in the negotiations with the client.

Telecommunications : Web and Portal Program (several projects)

Date(s): April 2008 to December 2008

Summary: Ansgar had the technical responsibility and leadership for several parallel projects in the areas of the clients Intranet Portal, web content management and collaboration platforms. Products on that platforms had been IBM WebSphere Portal, Interwoven TeamSite, IBM Sametime and IBM Quickplace.

Projects in this context had been: Portal Governance Model (develop a governance framework, strategy and guidance for the clients portal platform), Global HR Portal solution (rollout of HR portal in 110 countries), Team Collaboration Extranet (based on Quickplace), Portal 1.4 Release (enablement of a dynamic, user customizable portal workplace), Automated portal testing (based on Rational Function Tester), eBusiness Value Drop 5 (extension of the eBusiness Portal), JSR170 Replacement

Technology: WebSphere Portal Server 6, Oracle, Interwoven TeamSite 6.7, OpenDeploy, Solaris, JSF, Hibernate, JSR168, Axis, SiteMinder, Sun One LDAP

Role / Contribution:

Ansgar was responsible for the technical implementation of several projects in the program. I contributed with architectural decisions, client consulting regarding strategy as well as support of technical decisions and technical quality assurance of the delivered solutions. He discussed the program's roadmap and kicked of new solutions and projects with the client. He was a founding member in the design authority board for the portal platform and, thus, helped the client to make decisions regarding the portal platform.


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