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I am just a guy closing in on university and I want to make some money with something I am great at.
I freshly graduated IT school with an average of 1.5. The first ever serious presentation I held back in 9th grade was a complete disaster and kind of ruined my grade.
"Not ever again" I told myself.
Since then I have been creating kick-ass presentations that leaves people speechless. They are near perfection, which I am actually thriving for.
As long as the content fulfills it's purpose (educate, persuade or interest) then it is a question of visuals and the way it is presented to correctly convey even incept the ideas or facts to your audience.
In school any presentation lower than an A was not only a failure, but a disappointment for me.
I am not only presenting, I am manipulating. (ever seen Inception?)
I am also really good at presenting these, which I obviously can't do for you, but I can give you some advice on how to achieve your goal.

I can show you some of my work which will help you decide if you are interested.

Also, I am not demanding any ridiculous payment. A few bucks per presentation is enough. And the more I can put out, the better.

Isn't it great if you enjoy what you do?

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