München, Deutschland

Aktualisiert am 21.03.2018



Fähigkeiten, Kenntnisse und Erfahrungen

I am a passionate C++ Realtime 3D, Game and Simulation Engine and Game Developer currently developing a platform independent event based Deferred Rendering Engine in C++.

Mainly I work as a Software Developer and Architect for more than 3 years now, having developed native mobile Applications for iOS (iOS4 and up ) and Android ( API 2.2+ ) as well as complex WPF Tablet applications on Windows 7 Tablets.
Extensive Knowledge of Visual Studio, C# and .NET, Linq and SQL is available.

I have begun with Web Development in PHP4, MySQL and JavaScript but moved quickly to C++ and GameDevelopment. I delved into DirectX9, 10 and finally 11 where I discovered my fascination for Shader Programming. Consequently I intensively learnt 3D and Shader Development with the Effects11 Framework, HLSL as well as OpenGL and GLSL.

For my BSc I developed an DirectX based Mixed Reality simulation system for aerospace training combining head-mounted stereoscopic 3D video goggles with 6-axis tracking to merge a real touch screen with a virtually generated arbitrary environment.

In addition, I'm pretty experienced in 3D Modeling and Animation as well as Concept Art, Matte Painting, Texturing and Rigging using Photoshop and 3DS Max.

Currently, I'm extending my knowledge of modern web technologies like HTML5 and NodeJS.
Furthermore I extensively work with current C# libraries and frameworks in conjunction with WPF/WCF.

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