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Senior Software Architect

| Maybank Malaysia
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• 14+ years commercial programming experience with Java, Pascal (Delphi), C/C++, C++Builder since I started as an official developer.
• 9+ years experience focused on core java development and analysis and design in Payment Systems domain.
• 6 years experience focused on architecting, development managing and team leading on payment systems.
• 8+ years experience to develop and design payment applications working with Oracle and DB2.
• Java (10+yrs), Including (JMS and MQ(7+yrs), JDBC Type 2 & 4 (10yrs), JNI (6yrs), JMX, Spring (9yrs) & Hibernate(8yrs)) on Linux (7yrs), Win32 (12+ yrs) and OS390/ZOS.
• 4+ years experience to work in projects developed and managed by agile methodologies.
• Good Knowledge in the complete Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) including Requirement gathering, Planning, Designing, Development, Deployment, Testing and Supporting.
• Expertise in Java, Object Oriented (OO) Concepts, Concurrent Processing and AOP.
• Familiar with various Java technologies, frameworks and Application Servers like Spring, Hibernate, Struts 2, JSF, Tomcat JDBC Connection Pool, Tomcat, JBoss, etc.
• Familiar with Java Design Patterns.
• Developing software that is solid, extensible, reliable and well-documented.
• Excellent Technical and Analytical skills and ability to work independently with minimal supervision and can also perform as part of a team.
• Good Leadership and Training qualities.
• Self motivated with Excellent Communication and Presentation Skills.
Operating Systems:
Linux, OS390/ZOS, Win64,Win32 & Win16, VMS.
Technical Roles:
Development Manager, Architect, Consultant, Development Lead, Designer, Analyst, Programmer, Second/Third-level Support, Tester and Technical Writer.

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