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Microsoft Datenbanken Spezialist

Düsseldorf, Deutschland
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Period: Februar 2012 - April 2013
Company: E.ON Global Commodities (Energy: Risk Management)
Project: IT-Consultant: Database and Business Intelligence Developer
• Development of customized database solutions
• Close collaboration with business users to coordinate with IT
• Database programming through SQL-Server stored procedures
• Reporting through Reporting Services, Excel und Access
Tools: SQL Server 2008_R2 (SSIS, SSAS, SSRS) Access 2010, Excel 2010, VBA, Oracle

Period: November 2011 - Februar 2012
Company: E.ON Energy Trading (Energy: Risk Management)
Project: Access-Database development for asset analysis
• Automated extraction of unstructured daily reports through Access VBA
• Processing and storing up to 1 million rows of data each day
• Daily reporting through Excel pivot tables linked to Access queries
• Coaching the team in Access and VBA
Tools: Excel 2007, Access 2007, VBA, SQL

Period: July 2011 - September 2011
Company: Schulte & Enkmann (Advertising Agency)
Project: Adaptation and extension of the calculation software in VBA
Tools: Excel 2010, VBA, SQL

Period: October 2009 - January 2011
Company: Criminal Courts Berlin (Government: IT)
Project: Programming & migration of the courts software system & databases
Tools: Visual Basic, VBA, SQL, Sybase

Period : March - September 2009
Company : Superior Court of Justice Berlin (Government: IT)
Project : Migration and expansion of official templates & databases from legacy VBA in coordination with judges
Tools : Word 2000, VBA, SQL, Sybase

Period : October 2008 - Januar 2009
Company : Lekkerland AG (Logistics: Finance)
Project : Export, mass processing and analysis out of SAP R/3
Tools : SAP R/3, Access 2003, Excel 2003, VBA

Period : March 2008 - August 2008
Company : Lekkerland AG (Logistics: Finance)
Project : Access database-application for the administration of 2.000 leasing vehicles
• Administration and Reporting for accounts department
• Forecasting for the controlling department
Tools : Access 2002, VBA, SQL, Excel 2002

Period: 2007
Company: Charité Berlin (Government: IT)
Project: Development of schooling databases with web technologies
Tools: MySQL, HTML, PHP, JavaScript

Period : ××××/×××××××××××××
Company : Computacenter (IT-Service: Banking)
Project : 2'nd level support for various banks in Berlin
Tools : Win98, Win2000, Linux, VBA, DOS, SQL, Ghost, Network

Period : 2005
Company : Weberbank (IT-Service: Finance)
Projekt : Software Migration: Support of IT-department in migration of MS databases / applications
Tools : MS-Office, VBA, Scripting

Period : ××××/×××××××××××××
Company : Berlin-Consult (Consulting: IT)
Project : System administrator und user support
Tools : Win95, Win98, Dos, Linux, Novel, Oracle, SQL

Period : 2002
Company : Conergy AG (Energy: Finance)
Project : Database development for prognosis of the worldwide solar market
Tools : Access, Excel, VBA

Period : 2001
Company : KPMG Consulting (Finance: Risk Management)
Project : • Audit of a document management system at Adtranz
• Audit of SAP R/3 System at Pixelpark
Tools : SAP R/3, Excel, Access, SQL, VBA

Period : 2000
Company : Herlitz AG (Logistics: IT)
Project : Development of a software prototype for mathematical optimization
Tools : Visual Basic, SQL

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