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UMTS/LTE Specialist

80807 München, Deutschland
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Viel Erfahrung im Bereich UMTS, HSDPA, HSUPA, LTE, GPRS, GSM, L3, RF Planning, RF Optimisation

full CV:

Thomas Riener

(always open for remote work)
Mobile: ××××/××××××××××××× or ××××/××××××××××××× (sporadic)


Below you will find my detailed technical experience. In addition to that I have good customer relationship management and sales skills:
-Customer care. Customer relationship management.
-Technical support for the sales team. Answering to RFQs and Presales tasks.
-Identifying new services that can be sold to the customer.
-Customer training.
-Product presentations.

04/2010 – present NSN / Equipment: Nokia, Siemens Munich, Nuremberg/Germany and remote



RF-Consultancy work on a LTE Rollout Project for the customers T-Mobile Germany.
-LTE1800 and LTE800 site performance verification using drive tests and some KPIs.
-LTE algorithm verification and feature tests.
-Troubleshooting based on Layer3 data from drive test logfiles.
-Various tasks during startup phase of the project (KPIs, counters, tools, processes,…)
-Planning of new LTE sites or collocated LTE sites (next to UMTS and/or GSM sites) using Pegaplan (TMO planning tool).
-Planning of LTE HW configuration (dual band/triple band antennas, RRH/feederless sites, etc)
-Predicting suitable cell areas, customer throughputs, SNRs and statistics (coverage percentages, clutter types, population coverage probability,…)
-Optimizing azimuth and tilt settings using Pegaplan predictions to get best RSRP and RSRQ values.
-Defining Drive Test Strategy (KPIs, tools, route) for Pilot clusters.


RF-Consultancy work on a 3G/2G Rollout Project for the customers T-Mobile Germany.

-Optimisation of new rollout sites based on network statistics, predictions (using Pegaplan) and drive tests.
-Providing recommendations to improve the rollout sites performances.
-Implementing parameter recommendations using Netact.
-Doing the follow up on optimization recommendations and providing before/after reports.
-Getting acceptances from customer after target levels have been achieved.
-HSPA+ introduction with SW RU20.
-Troubleshooting on bad performing cells.

Other short term projects in parallel:

-Answering to a LTE Radio Network Planning RFQ.

02/2009 – 03/2010 NSN / Equipment: Nokia, Siemens Munich, Nuremberg/Germany and remote



RF-Consultancy work on a 3G Network Swap (Siemens equipment replaced by Nokia Flexi II and RNC2600) for the customers T-Mobile Germany, TMO Austria and TMO Croatia.

-Doing daily Performance Checks on Clusters using Counters, KPIs, Alarms, Interface Measurements and Drivetests.
-Doing UMTS Cluster Optimization (3G and 2G cells) using KPIs, Counters, Network Interface measurements and Drive Tests (Netact Reporting Suite / Siemens Radio Commander, Metrica, Probes and Focus Infocom / Ascoms Qvoice): Parameter changes and HW changes (antenna, tilt, azimuth, orientation,…)
-Comparing Counter, KPI and DT Data from before the Swap (Siemens equipment) against the values after the swap (Nokia equipment).
-Preparing Cluster Swap Reports with Cluster information, KPI and Drive Test results and presenting them to the customer with the aim to get Cluster Acceptance (daily interaction with customer).
-Doing Troubleshooting on bad performing Sites after the Swap (Checking of KPIs and Counters, drive test data, HW alarms, databuild and live network parameters using various applications on NSNs Netact platform)
-Running all kind of Interface-, IMSI- and Equipment Traces using Nokia HIT Tool and Fishing Macros and analyzing the results using Emil (Layer 3 protocol analysis).
-Cooperating with different departments involved in the Swap process (RIC, Databuild, Implementation).

-Identifying bottlenecks caused by the transport network (Iub-, Iu- and Iur-Interfaces) and optimizing the transmission parameters (ATM and IP).
-Implementation of cost effective hybrid backhaul feature on the Iub-Interfaces (ATM for CS and Ethernet for PS) and monitoring the effects.
-Implementing HSPA+ features and tuning them (live trial phase).
-LTE trial preparation.
-Providing LTE workshops (LTE introduction, Rel8 and 9 features)

-Optimisation of new 3G and 2G rollout sites based on network statistics, predictions (using Pegaplan) and drive tests.

Tasks during early startup phase of the Swap Project:

-Various Meetings with customer to define processes and build up a good relationship.
-Doing KPI, Counter and Parameter Mapping (Siemens -> Nokia) and getting approvals from customer engineers.
-Defining KPI measurement methodology.
-Defining efficient RF related processes.
-Producing documents like Munich KPI Pilot Setup.
-Defining testcases and tooling for KPI Pilot.
-Reviewing Databuild process.
-Reviewing Performance Assessment process.
-Defining drive test routes, methodology and approach for KPI trial.
-Reviewing and implement changes to KPI Pilot Plan.
-Capturing data and analyzing results of Munich KPI trial.
-Documenting results and proposals based on KPI Pilot.
-Defining KPI methodology based on results of KPI pilot.
-Doing the Parameter Setup for the Transmission Side (Hybrid backhaul; ATM over Ethernet for HSxPA).
-Doing Databuild using Planeditor.

Participated at some trainings and workshops:
- LTE RF and Backhaul Principles
- LTE Advanced Features

12/2008 – 02/2009 Huawei / Equipment: Huawei Istanbul/Turkey



RF-Consultancy work on a 3G Network Rollout for our customer Vodafone.

­ Taking part at the bidding stage of the project and supporting the Project Managers.
­ Setting up a good customer relationship and cooperation and acting as Single Point of Contact to the customer.
­ Setting up processes for a 3G Rollout.
­ Initial (nominal) Cell planning based on existing 2G Network.
­ Tuning of different propagation models for the customers prediction tool (Huawei’s Unet/Atoll).
­ Comparisons of KPI requirements in the contract and discussing them with the customer’s engineers (contract clarification meetings).
­ Analysing drive test data from Huawei’s Probe Tool and analyzing it with Huawei’s Assistant.
­ Clarification Meetings and Technical Support during Subcontractor Selection.
­ Doing RF Trainings and Workshops for new, local RF Engineers.
­ Checks of existing processes for efficiency improvement.

01/2008 – 12/2008 Huawei / Equipment: Huawei & Nokia & Nortel Nuremberg, Munich/Germany



Consultancy work on a Network Swap (with a massive Rollout in parallel): Nortel GSM and Nokia UMTS to Huawei BSC 6000, BTS 3900 and DBS 3900 with daily customer contact.
Managerial Responsibility: 8 Optimizers, 2 DT Teams; multicultural

­ Developing Swap and Rollout guidelines for Network Optimization and all other processes involved in the Project by consulting the Project Manager:
Guidelines to keep or enhance the network quality compared to before the swap.
Guidelines for Performance Evaluations (using Counters and Drive Tests)
Guidelines to keep downtimes short.
Guidelines to Plan HW swaps and Transmission Reconfigurations efficient.
­ Increase efficiency of existing processes and keep costs low
­ Being responsible for the Performance of Clusters on a commercial GSM/WCDMA Network
­ Doing Optimization on these Clusters after the Vendor Swap using Tems, Swissqual, NQDI, Actix, Nastar, Omstar, Mapinfo, Google Earth and M2000:
Coverage Optimization
Congestion Rate Optimization using Counters (Huawei’s M2000)
Handover Success Rate Optimization (2G->2G, 3G->3G, 3G->2G)
Drop Call Rate Optimization using Counters (Huawei’s M2000)
Voice Quality Optimization using Tems AQM, Swissqual Diversity and NQDI
PS Attach and PDP Context Activation Optimization using Tems and Actix
UMTS, GPRS and HSDPA Throughput Optimization
Optimization of other KPIs using counters (M2000)
­ Doing Drive Test and Counter analysis of Huawei’s HSDPA and HSUPA performance and comparing it with Nokia.
­ Doing L3 and RNC Trace analysis (Air Interface, Iub, Iu, Abis and A-Interface) using Trace viewer, Omstar and Nastar.
­ Setup and Evaluation of Tems AQM MOS (PESQ) measurements.
­ Setup and Evaluation of Swissqual Voice Quality measurements using NQDI.
­ Setup of GSM, UMTS, HSDPA and HSUPA KPIs and Counter Reports on M2000.
­ Evaluation of O2s Stationary Measurement Equipment (Sigos and XMass).
­ Analysing the Pre and Post Performance and comparing them in the Trial Phase.
­ Acceptance Report Creation for critical first Cluster Trial.
­ Technical communication and clarification (e.g. RF parameter workshop) with customer of Huawei.
­ Doing the setup of Datafilling Process.
­ Acting as customer interface and presenting Cluster Acceptance Reports (consisting of Pre and Post Swap Comparisons of Counter Performance data + Drive test Data + Stationary Test Data + Optimisation Recommendations) after the swap.
­ Supporting Edge Trial and Edge Introduction in the network.
­ Troubleshooting on Edge Throughput degradation.
­ Mapping of existing Nortel and Nokia Parameters, Counters and KPIs to Huawei Parameters, Counters and KPIs.
­ Doing Troubleshooting on bad performing Cells (Counter->Parameter->Hardware)
­ Doing the design of the LNS/HCS (layered network structure/hierarchical cell structure) in O2s GSM/UMTS network.
­ Preparing Guidelines for Dual layer (Multi BCCH) upgrades.
­ Doing Parameter Changes and Datafill on Huawei BSCs and RNCs using Huawei’s Local Maintenance Terminal (LMT).
­ Technical support and knowledge/experience transfer to Huawei staff.
­ Setting up a RFQ and evaluate the tenders in order to find the right Drive Test Partners.
­ Programming of a Mapinfo Plugin with Map Basic Script language. The Plugin adds functions to Mapinfo so that KPIs can be displayed on a geographical basis.
­ Using Visual Basic to create Macros to ease Datafill, Consistency Checks and Optimisation tasks,…
­ Setting up a Performance Management Tool together with a C# Programmer which was able to generate KPI Reports for our Acceptance Reports,…
­ HSPA+ introduction work.
Other short term projects in parallel:

Consultancy work for my agency on an ongoing RFQ. The RFQ consisted of a Site Survey Turnkey Contract for Huawei in Libya.

11/2007 – 01/2008 Nokia Siemens / Equipment: Nokia Munich/Germany


Consultancy work during the bidding process on a GSM/UMTS RFQ.


­ Preparing guidelines for national wide 3G Network Extension service.
­ Doing the network Dimensioning and calculating how many new NodeBs, new RNCs and RNC upgrades are needed.
­ Answering to HSDPA specific Questions in RFQ.


­ Preparing guidelines for GSM swap, Network Extension and Dualband introduction:
Conversion of existing Nortel Parameter set to Nokia Parameter set.
Consultancy work on new Nokia Parameter sets and new features.
Conversion of existing Nortel KPIs to Nokia KPIs.
Definition of Databuild and Datafill process.
Definition of the Transmission Reconfiguration Concept.
Definition of the RF Performance comparison based on Counter Statistics and Drive Tests.
Definition of Cluster Performance Reporting Structure.
Working on all kind of solutions to keep the customer impact low during the swap (intelligent neighbouring plan updates, low downtimes due to pre-configurations, intelligent transmission, intelligent swap sequence,…)
­ Support to local Technician and Sales Personal in Bidding Process.
­ Answering to GSM Swap-, Network Extension- and Dualband-RFQ
­ Doing the Network Dimensioning and calculating how many new TRXs, BS, BSCs and BSC upgrades are needed (Bidding Support).
­ Preparing guidelines for Multiband (1800/900) implementation.
­ Preparing guidelines for upcoming EDGE introduction (RF-, Capacity-, Transmission-Planning)

04/2006 – 10/2007 Nokia / Equipment: Nokia & Nortel Munich, Nuremberg,


Consultancy work on a big Network Swap: Nortel UMTS to Nokia UMTS (Flexi NodeB) with daily customer contact.
Managerial Responsibility: 2 Optimizers, 1 DT Team, multicultural


­ Preparation of technical guidelines like: Drivetest-handling, Drivetest-equipment, Cluster-definition, Postprocessing rules and Reporting structure.
­ Preparation of KPI documents and reports.
­ Doing the set up of processes linked to the RF activities during an equipment swap project.

­ Doing High Level Network Design for customers.
­ Participating at discussions of Pros and Cons concerning different Network Strategies.

­ Responsible for DT Engineers and Reporting to Regional O2 Managers and Technical board.
­ Doing Drive Tests with the Drive Test Team and teaching them on the Equipment (TEMS).
­ Doing detailed postprocessing of Drive Test logs (L3 messages according to 3GPP specs) using Actix and Mapinfo.
­ Comparing results before the swap (Pre Drive with Nortel Equipment) with results after the swap (Post Drive with Nokia Equipment).
­ Generating Swap reports with achieved KPIs like PDP delivery time, Attach Success rate, HTTP throughput,… and plots.
­ Discuss Swap Reports with customer engineers and discuss reasons and options to improve the results.

­ Testing and analysing of new features, doing troubleshooting and making recommendations for parameter changes.
­ Testing and analysing of new services (Mobile Email, Video calls) and features, doing troubleshooting and making recommendations for parameter changes.

­ Doing end to end Throughput Optimisation by analysing L3 messages and HTTP/TCP traffic using different Tools like Actix, Wireshark…
­ Doing Handset IOT tests with shield boxes, attenuators, … and finding reasons for performance differences.
­ Testing algorithms like Intersystem handover, Soft handover or Power control on different handsets.

­ Preparing Test plans for services and features.
­ Doing trials with customer engineers on new features.
­ Writing Test reports and fault descriptions after the trial.
­ Doing feature acceptance tests together with customer engineers after upgrading the RNC SW.

­ Analysing HSDPA Drive test logs (Tems and Nemo) with Actix and discuss global parameter settings.
­ Discuss HSDPA and HSUPA KPIs with customer engineers and implement them in Counter Reports.

­ Collecting and analysing of RNC L3 traces (Iu and Iub ICSU logs) with Nokia HIT and Emil.
­ Comparing Mobil traces, NBAP and RANAP protocols and finding the reasons for faults (according to 3GPP specs).
­ Doing various tests on the protocol stack (conformance tests with 3GPP specs).

­ Checking Network Counter Statistics using Nokia Reporter.
­ Doing troubleshooting on bad performing cells by analyzing daily Counter and KPI Reports and by checking the cells for HW faults.
­ Creating new KPIs and Reports in Netact.

­ Doing Optimisation work in clusters that did not reach KPIs after the swap.
­ Making proposals for new global Parameter Settings to increase performance of the network.
­ Doing comparisons of Drive Tests before and after implementation of new Parameter Settings.

­ Supporting other projects like IFA exhibition where Nokia demonstrated HSDPA capabilities in the O2 network.

­ Doing basic Datafill using Planedit.

­ Doing the Software Development together with a VB Programmer for an automated Swap Report Generator. The Tool used Actix, Mapinfo, Excel, Access and Word to generate a Report which included KPIs and Plots.


­ Consultancy work on Nokia Flexi BTS features.
­ Analysing the customer transmission topologies.


­ Participating at Nokia LTE workshops and getting familiar with OFDM and MIMO concepts

04/2004 – 03/2006 Nortel, Alcatel / Equipment: Nortel & Alcatel Munich, Nuremberg, Berlin/Germany


Consultancy and Presales work for customers (O2 Germany, Vodafone Hungary, VDF Germany, T-Mobile Hungary, Netia Poland) with occasional customer contact.


­ Doing Throughput optimisation (RLC parameters, FTP measurements,…) by analysing Calltraces and Drivetests.
­ Doing tests on different mobile phones to find reasons for better performance.
­ Preparing and giving an “In-dept-HSDPA workshop” to the customer-engineers with a focus on our optimisation results (from HSDPA trials) and possible optimisation strategies.
­ Testing new features and writing reports.
­ Priming O2 Cluster Optimisation Project (Domains: Accessibility, Retainability, Congestion, Throughput and Mobility) -> New Parametersets were tested and implemented in the O2 Germany Network.
­ Doing Global Parameter optimisation work for the customer networks (3G/2G Handover settings, Interfrequency Handover settings,…) with XCAL, XCAP and Boris.
­ Monitoring Performance statistics and improving KPIs like (Call Success Rate, Setup Success Rate, Handover Success Rate, average DL Throughput,…)
­ Doing RF cluster optimisation work for the customers with XCAL, XCAP and Boris.
­ Combining and analysing Call traces and drive tests with XCAP and Boris.
­ Analysing RRC, NBAP, RNSAP and RANAP call flows.
­ Monitoring of Performance data with Mycom Proptima and doing 2nd line trouble shooting.
­ Doing Presales Work (NodeB dimensioning, initial cellplan, linkbudgets, call profiles, traffic models, traffic based simulations,…) for Vodafone Hungary using Atoll (iPlanner) and UTRANDim.
­ Preparing UMTS workshops and giving learning sessions to the customer-engineers to make them familiar with new features and parameters.
­ Doing site surveys for a HSDPA-Trial with O2 Germany and preparing the engineering plan for this activity.
­ Doing HSDPA indoor planning for a Nortel-customer-conference.
­ Doing HSDPA RF Planning, Cell Design, throughput optimisation and giving onsite support to O2 Engineers at CeBit2006 Fair.
­ Doing Preparation work for the HSDPA-Demo at CeBit2005 Fair for Vodafone Germany (offsite support).
­ Working on the HSDPA-Demo at CeBit2005 Fair for Vodafone Germany (RF investigations using Tektronix RF Analyzer, consultancy work for Vodafone Engineers).
­ Doing the network design for a Test lab (Network architecture, Node dimensioning, System interfaces, Backbone requirements and Network management).
­ Doing the network design and engineering work (HW and SW) for the Operation and Maintenance center.
­ Application engineering with the Configuration tool WPS/OCAN.
­ Doing the data fill and network reconfiguration on the UTRAN side.
­ Integration of new NodeB’s and RNC’s with WPS/OCAN and Preside.
­ Doing tests together with customers in their test lab to guarantee the functionality of features and protocols.
­ Doing on site acceptance tests with the customers on the data fill tool WPS/OCAN.
­ Doing on-site consultancy work at customer’s regional offices.
­ Optimising the ATM parameters on the transport side.
­ Working in coordination with the Core department.

­ Doing Presales Work (BTS dimensioning, initial cellplan, linkbudgets, call profiles, traffic models,…) for Netia Poland using Atoll (iPlanner).
­ Doing Presales Work (KPI proposal and definition of proposed Optimisation Services) for TMO UK.

01/2004 – 03/2004 O2 UK / Equipment:
Nokia & Nortel London/UK


Responsible for all Radio planning and Optimisation issues in a defined region.

­ Doing checks, if collocation with existing GSM sites is possible and finding ideal positions for antennas.
­ Defining TEMS drive test routes and analysing the files.

­ Checking daily and weekly statistical reports.
­ Finding the problems of bad performing sites (Hardware, Parameters,...) using Metrica, Nokia Netdoctor, Nokia MML and Map Info.
­ Finding HW-problems together with the Field Support and OMC-Team.
­ Changing parameters values to optimise KPI’s like minutes per drop or Call Setup Success Rate.
­ Doing database queries with Business Objects.
­ Doing the planning for new Macro, Micro and Pico sites with Odyssey and optimising their handover settings.
­ Frequency planning with Odyssey and Cellopt AFP.
­ Changing hardware configuration (antennas, azimuth or tilts).
­ Planning of capacity upgrades for Marketing Events.
­ Doing test drives (TEMS Investigation) to find better configurations and new site-locations

03/2002 – 12/2003 Telering / Equipment: Alcatel Vienna/Austria


Responsible for all Radio planning and Optimisation issues in a defined region.

­ Preparing guidelines for the UMTS sites.
­ Checking GSM sites to find out if UMTS collocation is possible (from a radio planning point of view).
­ Doing UMTS UTRAN-planning with Odyssey.
­ Doing site surveys together with Transmission-, Construction- and Acquisition-Department.
­ Doing Scramblingcode-planning.
­ Doing test drives and analysing them using Agilent and Actix Analyser.
­ Analysing of Calltraces with Actix Analyser.
­ Doing handover optimisation and pilot power adjustment.
­ Testing of new parameter configurations.
­ Changing tilts to optimise the radio coverage.

­ Checking daily and weekly statistical reports.
­ Finding the problems of bad performing sites (Hardware, Software, Parameters,...) using Metrica.
­ Changing hardware configuration (antennas, azimuth or tilts).
­ Planning and testing of new Parametersets for existing and planned Sites to improve the network quality (frequency planning with Odyssey and Cellopt AFP, BSIC, LAC, neighbours,…).
­ Planning of capacity upgrades.
­ Doing test drives (TEMS Investigation, Agilent) to find better configurations and new site-locations.
­ Analysing Q-voice test drives and statistics with ACTIX Analyser.
­ Analysing testscenarios and new parameters or configurations (DL-Powerbudget - trial, Frequency hopping -trial,...) and writing reports.
­ Analysing GPRS calls with Sniffer ETHEREAL and ACTIX Analyser.
­ Talking to customers and clearing their problems (customer care).
­ Finding HW-problems together with the Field Support and OMC-Team.
­ Evaluation of new drive test equipment (Agilent, TEMS, Anritsu).

- Responsible for the Telering Austrian Motorway coverage improvement project.
- Responsible for A9 tunnel (repeater and leaky feeder) project.
­ Planning the new indoor-, outdoor- and repeater-sites with Odyssey.
­ Doing quality acceptances on the new sites.

12/2001 – 03/2002 Mobilcom / Equipment: Nokia Nuremberg/Germany


Managerial Responsibility: 3 Implementation and Construction Teams

­ Working in cooperation with the Radio Planning department to find new site positions.
­ Doing site surveys together with the Radio Planning- and Transmission- department.
­ Managing the Installation and Commissioning Teams.
­ Doing Node B Installation and Commissioning.
­ Doing Acceptance Tests together with the customer.
­ Preparing papers for the customers.
­ Writing reports and presenting them.
­ Reporting to the Area Manager.
­ Writing punch lists and installation checklists.
­ Ordering material and telecom equipment.
­ Keeping DB up to date.
­ Responsible for all implementation issues.

06/2001 – 12/2001 E-Plus / Equipment: Nokia & Siemens Nuremberg/Germany


­ Analysing measurement-results and BSC counters and optimising them in the office, using tools like Planet, Epos, Metrica, Opas, Romes, Evision, Pomc, KMS,...
­ Planning new GSM-Base stations with Planet to improve the coverage.
­ Preparing guidelines for UMTS Technology including Network Architecture and WCDMA.
­ UMTS-Network design and site survey experience.
­ Planning and optimising BTS- and BSC-parameters like neighbours, power control, LAC, ARFCN, BCC, channel configuration,... to improve the quality.
­ Doing the data fill, parameter planning in the BSC.
­ Doing the planning for better performance (changing antenna-down tilt, -orientation and the kind of antennas).
­ Doing test drives with special measurement equipment and fully equipped test car.
­ Doing quality-measurements and optimisation for HSCSD- and GPRS-calls.
­ Starting an optimisation task and manage the work with the Operation-, Radio planning-, Transmission- and Construction department.
­ Analysing the network-quality on a BTS and BSC level and writing reports.
­ Analysing traffic-reports and planning the future HW-configuration to guarantee high network performance (Upgrades).
­ Talking to customers and clearing their problems (customer care).
­ Doing Quality-acceptances on new Base Stations.
­ Installing, optimising and accepting new GSM/GPRS repeaters.
­ Ordering and managing temporary Base Stations for big events and concerts.
­ Keeping databases up to date.

08/2000 – 05/2001 VIAG Interkom / British Telecom / Equipment: Alcatel Munich/Germany

NMC ENGINEER (Back Office Transmission) – Contractor

­ SDH and PDH rollout.
­ Working on projects for new topologies, network optimisation and configuration.
­ Planning the routing of SDH-trails.
­ Doing SDH-node-commissioning, integration and acceptance.
­ Doing SDH-Measurements together with Field Engineer.
­ Maintaining the network on the second line level.
­ Doing remote fault finding.
­ Upgrading the network nodes.
­ Creating nodes on the management-system

06/1998 – 07/2000 Connect Austria / One / Equipment: Nokia Linz/Austria


­ Doing test drives and the network optimisation with a test drive car, TEMS-Equipment and the network-monitor-software of Nokia-mobiles in Oberösterreich and Salzburg.
­ I was responsible for the performance of Oberösterreich-North and Linz.
­ Checking statistics (dropped calls,...) with Metrica.
­ Planning new Base stations using Planet.
­ Commissioning BTS, DM2, SDH and Microwave equipment.
­ Integrating BTS, Microwave and DM2 equipment.
­ Creating and integrating Base Stations in the BSC (includes the handling of network interfaces and protocols like Abis-, A- and SS7).
­ Doing the acceptances on BTS, DM2, BSC, SDH and Microwave equipment.
­ Maintaining BTS, DM2, SDH and Microwave equipment.
­ Performing the first and second line maintenance on the BTS and Transmission (SDH and Microwave) level.
­ Doing both, remote and on site fault finding.
­ BSC experience on the DX200 platform including alarm handling, fault finding and clearing on the BTS level with remote sessions using Nokia NMS.
­ BSC and BTS software upgrade.
­ Upgrading Base Transceiver Stations.
­ Preparing the BSS for GPRS.
­ Checking Line of Sight.

Tools Experience: Actix Analyser, Agilent DT-Tools, Agilent Probes (acceSS7), Anritsu Scanner, Arcview, Atoll (iPlanner), Cellopt AFP, Rational Clearcase, Couei XCAL and XCAP, Epos, Ericsson Mcom, Ethereal, Excels Visual Basic (VBA for KPI and Statistic scripts), Google Earth for Optimisation purposes, Huawei Assistant, Huawei CME, Huawei Genex Nastar, Huawei LMT, Huawei M2000, Huawei Kylinpro Omstar, Huawei Probe, Huawei Unet, KMS, MapInfo, Scripts with Mapbasic, Mapsource, Metrica, Mycom Proptima, Nemo, Netqual NQDI, Nokia Emil, Nokia HIT and Fishing Macros, Nokia Netact, Nokia Netdoctor, Nokia Planeditor, Nokia Reporter, NSN Reporting Suite, Nortel Boris, Nortel Ocan, Nortel Preside, Nortel Tenor, Nortel UtranDim, Odyssey, Opas, Pegaplan, Planet, Pomc, Q-Voice, Qualcomm QXDM & QCAT, Rhode & Schwartz Romes, Siemens Radio Commander, Sigos, Swissqual VQ measurement tools, Tectronix Y400 Net Tek Analyzer, TEMS Investigations with AQM, Wingawk, Wireshark, Xmass

Vendor Equipment Experience:
Nokia, Huawei, Nortel, Siemens, Alcatel

Programming Experience: Visual Basic (i.e. scripts to generate statistics), Map Basic, C, Assembler, Turbo Pascal, Basic, HTML

specific Courses:
UMTS: UMTS Optimisation and Huawei Tools

specific Courses: DXESS:
RANOP: BSS essential course
BSS operation maintenance course
BTS commissioning course
BSS Cellular Transmission course
GSM/GPRS Optimisation course

specific Courses:
UMTS: Alcatel Equipment specific training

Nortel specific Courses: UMTS and HSDPA: Radio Access Network
Various Workshops and Learning sessions on Nortel specific Equipment and Tools

Other Courses: LTE:
LTE Adv.:
CELLOPT: LTE RF and Backhaul Principles
LTE Advanced Features
GSM System training
GSM Optimisation (Abis- and A-Interface), Signalling (ACTIX)
GPRS Optimisation, Signalling (ACTIX)
BSS Parameters
Digital Microwave Radio course
Radio planning course
SDH course
System Measurements and Radio planning
UMTS Cell Planning and Engineering
UMTS Signalling training (analysing of Calltraces with ACTIX)
RF-Planning tool, User training
GSM-Repeater training
GSM-Repeater Workshop
Antenna overview and training
Frequency planning

­ Intercultural Training (Chinese)
­ UMTS overview
­ Q1 Bus workshop
­ DMR workshop
­ Training week with NMC-Monitoring
­ Climbing certificates
Languages: German, English, Spanish (beginner)

Intercultural Skills: I have worked many years in multicultural environments (Huawei, NSN,…) and have former colleagues and friends in different countries all over the world.

References: Ed Christian: RF Planning and Optimisation Manager, Nokia UK
Oskar Baumgartner: Implementation Manager, Nokia / South America
Huawei and other references available on request

Mil. Service: ××××/×××××××××××××
Mil. telecommunication team Linz/Austria
Education: ××××/××××××××××××× University of applied sciences (Business Management) Hamburg and Linz
(distance learning)

­ Diploma Thesis finished 01/2005 with academic title Dipl. Wirtsch. Ing (FH)
××××/××××××××××××× Höhere Technische Lehranstalt Linz/Austria

­ Final Examination and diploma in Electronics and Telecommunication Technologies

Compulsory Education Nebelberg, Peilstein/Austria

Activities: ­ Hobbies include fishing, snowboarding and football.
­ I enjoy travelling, meeting and working with people in a multicultural environment.

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