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Senior BI Consultant

St. Gallen, Saint Gallen, Switzerland
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I have experience from BI industry since 1998. I have done consulting with Oracle Designer, Sybase IQ DB system, SAP BW and QlikView tools in many dozens of companies in many Business Areas and Functions. SAP BW experience I have from the Year 2001 to the current day. I started SAP BW from SAP Finland Consulting organization where I have been consulting mainly the top 10 biggest global companies in Finland but also supporting SAP Finland’s Training Department in their customer trainings. Since Year 2005 to 2012 I was a Partner in Company SBI Partner Ltd – which delivers SAP BI Consulting services. At the moment I’m freelancer SAP BI Senior Consultant.
I see myself as a business oriented consultant, though I’m also specialized in complex Business requirements what comes to the Technical Challenges – E.g. when Standard SAP Best Practices are not enough. Working by my own, with team also as a Teamleader or offshore company I can deliver complete, robust, reliable and maintainable SAP Reporting environments for Customers to make better business.
I have SAP BW Certifications from the version 2 to 7 and I have participated SAP’s Financial-module Reporting part solution validations in their Headquarter in Walldorf Germany.
I have Bsc degrees both Engineering (Hämeen AMK 1983) and IT (ATK-instituutti Helsinki 1990).
My latest interest at the moment is SAP HANA technology with it’s live and Cloud Reporting environment capabilities. I’m participating openSAP HANA academy training to get complete understanding of the functions which make on-time SAP reporting possible.
The skill areas within SAP & BI include:
• BW implementation Concepts
• BW performance Optimization
• Required ABAP for BW
• SAP ERP/BW Data extractions to QlikView
• Web application designer
• New FIGL
• SAP NW70 Portal
• Upgrade from BW 3.0B => 3.5
• Upgrade from BW 3.5 => NW70 BI
• BW 7.3
• QlikView Designer & Developer
• Sybase IQ Database
• HANA 1.0 SPS 6

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