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I am searching for a position on machine learning, data modeling and pattern recognition.
During the last-seven years of study as Master and PhD student, my main research area was on machine learning, pattern recognition, and anomaly detection. I learned and Applied different classification, clustering, and anomaly detection methods for analyzing real data in different applications such as: human activity recognition using sensory data, brain-computer interface using EEG data, and speech recognition. Furthermore, working in two successful European projects (OPPORTUNITY and TOBI) gave me more knowledge on data capturing and recording, feature extraction, classification, and data/classifier fusion. In my master studies I learned about advanced image processing techniques and I developed face detection and recognition algorithms. In addition, studying in "software engineering" major as an undergraduate study, I got insight into algorithm design, computer programming, working with databases, and software design and implementation. The last but not the least, is my enthusiasm for applying machine learning techniques and Developing for other applications.

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