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Application and Web Developer

Berlin, Germany
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My name is Petros Karagkounidis. I have obtained my master degree in Software Engineering of Distributed Systems program at KTH, Stockholm. Having attended a
5-year program at Technical University of Crete (TUC) in Greece, I have also obtained a Degree of Engineering from the Department of Electronics & Computer Engineering. The particular department consists of four divisions - Computer Engineering, Electronics and Computer Architecture, Systems, and Telecommunications - including a semester graduation project. I also have very good knowledge of English language, obtained after seven years of studies and several years of practice.

My interest in software engineering led me to attend courses and undertake projects, both in TUC and KTH, which improved my programming skills by learning how to manage a variety of programming languages. These courses and their corresponding projects provided me with the theoretical and practical knowledge of C, C++, JAVA (J2ME, J2SE, J2EE), scripting and many other programming languages that have given me a solid background on the domain of software engineering. As a result, I have learned to adapt to new programming styles.

My diploma thesis project concept was the implementation of complex P2P systems. Specifically, I used the mechanisms of JXTA - a Java-based network connectivity framework - so as to implement a load-balanced, content-sharing network. My master thesis, during which I was working as a member of a team, was the design and the implementation of a web-based user interface for a Home Appliance System using AJAX technology for the start-up Yanzi AB company, which is located in Stockholm. Home Appliance Systems are used for managing various home devices, such as temperature sensors, lights, etc. The user would be able to remotely control and view the data of the various home appliances via the web user interface.

In continuation to my master thesis project work, I was employed by Yanzi as a software engineer for developing the web interface and the back-end of the Home Appliance System. I have also worked in Optilia Instruments AB company in Stockholm as a part-time employee for developing a graphical camera control interface using C++. Last but not least, I have participated in the Swedish Game Awards 07 for the Best Mobile Game as a programmer in the Studio Freaks Interactive team.

Since August 2009, I have been living in Berlin and working as a C++ developer for Thinprint, which is a branch of Cortado. Thinprint offers the leading enterprise print optimization solutions resulting in easy and flexible management of printers and printer drivers in Citrix, Microsoft, VMware and other network environments. Being an employee of Thinprint, I have also programmed in C# and ASP.NET as part of web development projects.

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