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senior consultant -analyst, team- and project lead,tester

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November 2009 - June 2011 - work for Oracle Slovakia,
participation on a programme: Impact and implementation of the bank (SLSP -Erste group) core system replacement implicated changes to Oracle maintained DWH and Datamarts (DM) – parallel(new) solution for the branch-by-branch migration:

a) guarant role for a marketing dataexport for a SAS marketing datamart
with data-mining application for client segmentation, direct sales, profitability
measurement, etc.
b) UAT incident analysis (+analytical work) and solution for a Business Layer -
scheme upon DWH with different granularity entities (for example: account facts – balance: assets, liabilities and off-balance issues), aggregated attributes, OLAP
cubes, persistent – not time varying derived attributes used in more datamarts,
also staging for an other marketing datamart (for sales, account managers, top
management) with GUI dasboards
c) FAT Testing environment and data (quality improvement) preparation, FAT
testing for the first phase and rollout for several datamarts (RBUZ – registry of
bank loans and garantees, SR – statutary reporting, GRAIL – controlling
datamart, DWBL – business layer, EX DM executions, DE MS – marketing staging )

May 2008 -October 2009 - work for Oracle Slovakia - solutions above old bank (SLSP_Erste group)core system - several extensions of existing DM above DWH and new ones:

a) Analyst role on Business Layer data staging (3rd iteration) – for a marketing datamart with GUI dasboard screens and LDAP server managed user roles and security for the support of selling activities, account managers, profitability measurement for top-management of the bank and all their subsidiaries through the country - part accounts, products - credit cards, mutual funds, e-banking,marketing campaings, new business, client facts.

b) Implementation of changes of the organisational structure in the internal reporting DM IR system, setting up changes in Oracle Discoverer reports

c) Team leader and guarant role (3 people): extending some star schemes due to MIFID requirements in DM Internal Reporting, feeded with the data from Quarz (Webtrader) – clients security trading

d) Guarant (project lead) role on a new data export (with old core system solution)
-Target Group Datamining data export for a SAS Marketing Data Mart with data
mining and statistical applications for the support of direct sales, marketing
campaigns, client segmentation and profitability measurement

e) Translation and preparation of several user- and administration guides for Oracle developed GUI applications and screens, FAT testing of the screens:
first and second level job processing and monitoring: Task Editor, Task Monitor, Job Monitor, Business and Administration GUI Screens of the Business Layer project, Enterprise Metadata Repository

February 2008 – May 2008 work for Oracle, in Banca Commerziala Romana - Erste group Bucharest (RU).
Analytical work by a new DWH building for BCR Bucharest
Responsibilities: Technical mappings and data analysis (reconcilliation of data from Kondor (treasury), SAP, CMS (CreditCards), FAT testing,
Mappings and user interface design for domains to the data collection in the Erste Group Bank AG - interface: Group Data Pool (GDP) containing the business intelligence data base for calculating risk weighted assets for credit risk reporting and performance management.

November 2007 – Januar 2008 work for Asseco outsourced to SAS
DWH building for OTP Bank in Bratislava, first iteration, analytical work -part accounts

November 2006 – October 2007 work for Asset Management SLSP(Erste), Bratislava, SR
Role: Risk Manager
·every day control of the portfolios (11 open mutual funds with the property of 1 billions of EUR), verification of the daily price change of our portfolios for the backoffice (before redemations/emmisions),
·evaluation and selection of the securities to the portfolios from the point of view gain/risk,
·pricing of financial instruments (bonds, equities, fx forwards, futures, swaps,term deposits, credit spreads, supposing new methodologies)
·evaluation of the effectivity and the yield of the mutual funds,
·evaluation of the risk parameters of the portfolios – beta, sharpe ratio, volatility, correlations
·measurement of the risk of portfolios by the VaR methodology
·risk management of derivatives (fx forwards – hedging, cross hedging, reporting),
·IT system acceptance tests and data imputation from Reuters, ALM Risk Vantage module (security portfolio position keeping, VaR analysis, performance management, limit control, scenario analysis) of a Java based application - cooperation with the supplier (PXP),
·ad-hoc and monthly reports for accountants ,
·proposal of the internal limits for the funds, incorporation to the internal rules,
·regular and non regular reporting for the regulator (property exposure, derivatives risk positions, foreing exchange commitments)
·active participator of a 3 week audit from the National bank – part risk management

September 2005 – October 2006 work for VUB (Banca Intesa SaoPaolo), Bratislava, SR,
Role: Database Specialist, Risk Management Division, Department: Data Infrastructure for Risk Management
·Automatisation – programming of regular and ad-hoc reports (stored processes f.e. property exposure, liquidity, balance, etc) for internal and external auditing companies above a reporting datamart with GL reconciliation.
·Customisation of SAS Banking Intelligence Solutions for Basel II approach for Credit Risk Management, preparatory works - mappings, change requests delivery, data testing

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