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Fähigkeiten, Kenntnisse und Erfahrungen

Oracle developer 8 years exp
Developing various program modules, supporting, testing, optimizing existing systems.
Familiar technologies:
Oracle PL/SQL, SQL, XML, Oracle Forms, Oracle Reports, Java.
Partitioning, Bitmap and B-tree indexes, Index-Organized tables(IOT), external tables, Materialized views(MW), hash and table clusters, Transportable tablespaces(TTS), FGA, VPD, AWR, performance tuning, optimization, analytics.

Current type of work:
Support and maintenance of banking informational system. New modules development. Design, programming, testing, optimization and integration of databases. User interfaces and reports design. Data warehouse design, programming and support. Data estimates, process flow analysis. Software versioning and release process creation using Subversion scripts. Distribution of work for developers.