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Relevant Experience

The Academy – Software Specialist – (1 year)
Electronic Order System:
‘Electronic Order System’ was designed to facilitate the process of order submission inside the Academy infrastructure. The system accepts orders for particular products that are necessary for employees on daily basis. From the client side, application is accessible through web-browser where user fills order form and may save or print the documents related to his order. The second main goal of this project was to provide the statistics for HR team about the amount of financing resources and product categories.
The technologies that are used within the system are J2EE, Spring, SpringWebFlow, JPA, JSON-RPC, Tiles.

Stockroom project:
‘Stockroom’ is a web application that manages the circulation of electronic staff starting from the supplier till the destination target which may be any place inside the academy building. The project contains functionality for printing electronic documents purposed for trading transactions.
The technologies that are used within Stockroom are J2EE, iBatis.

Online Admission project:
‘Online Admission’ helps to streamline the process of candidates admission for academy. It establish database of pre-qualified students to track and manage their profile through database operations triggered by browser requests. The project consists of two modules; first one responsible for administrative tasks like setting academy infrastructure for particular year and the second one tailored to HR and teaching staff.
The technologies that are used within Admission are J2EE, Spring, Flex, BlazeDS, JPA.

System Dynamics – Java Developer – (1 year 3 months)
PCMS has developed a next generation strategic electronic point of sale solution called BeanStore. BeanStore provides the business functionality for Point-Of-Sale applications, by providing both example implementations of standard business operations and by providing a framework for constructing and deploying business application logic tailored to individual enterprise requirements. Bean-Store’s functionality can be enhanced and customised to be applied across the retailer's entire trading platform.
A BeanStore application object is a Java applet. These applets run inside an applet viewer. The applet viewer is a browser-like application that has been written in Java. Explicitly, the viewer application has most of the functionality present in web browsers, full support for JDK 1.3 and does not have the security functions available in other commercial browsers. It is therefore faster than commercial browsers.
The technologies that are used within BeanStore are J2EE, Spring and iBatis and The Development methodology used on this project is Agile Development with SCRUM.

Key responsibilities include:
Onsite developer - (PCMS, Coventry, UK).
Interact with the project manager in the UK on a weekly basis from Dublin.
Ensure that the assigned bug fixing and development tasks are completed in a timely manner.

UniCredito Global Information Services–Programmer / Web Developer
(2 years 3 months)
UniCredito Servizi Informativi (Milan, Italy) –Programmer / Web Developer
People Contact project:
‘People Contact’ is a web application that performs queries in Ldap directory server to find particular person, department, agency plus associated information like its telephone number, membership to the organization or details concerning manager profile. In addition, application consists of several services that facilitate communication, provide preview about general structure of company and allow updates of personal contact data. Customers may send ‘sms’ messages to their colleagues see employee pictures
as well as a localization of the particular branch.

Key responsibilities include:
Project developer
Managing data stored on Ldap server.
Setting up applications on Plumtree portal.

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