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Summary Profile:

30 years of experience in computer science and telecommunications industry, technical presales, project management, focus on mobile communication and billing/rating systems in last 6 years
Excellent interpersonal and communication skills acquired through a multilingual and multicultural background
Strong focus on customer demands and goals by playing active role in reaching project objectives, technical leadership

Berufserfahrung: 1998 – 09/2009
Alcatel-Lucent Technologies, Technical Sales
KPN/E-Plus presales and technical sales support

Tandem Computers, System Analyst

Beratung Odenkirchen

Krupp Datenverarbeitung
Fremdsprachen: english
Tools, Methoden, Kenntnisse: Project management / Presales / Sales support
Cellular phone network applications and protocols (intelligent networks, INAP, CAMEL, VPN, prepaid applications (especially SUREPAY product from Alcatel-Lucent), NGN/IMS architecture)
Billing and Rating systems (SUREPAY, OSP/CRE)
Computer architecture (operating systems, programming languages, database systems (SQL), application design)
Communications protocols (TCP/IP, OSI, X.400/X.500, LDAP, CORBA, SOAP/XML, SIP, Diameter)
Business requirements analysis
Transformation of business requirements into standard configuration
Testing of rating engines and tarifplans
Creation of technical specifications including configuration, functional and technical documents
Request for Quotation and Change Request analysis (incl. effort and cost estimation)
Technical performance/capacity knowhow for realtime rating


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