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full-cycle web & mobile development

Alexander Zubrizki | Unna | Remote
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"We perfectly realize your ideas"​ - that is our motto.

Zubi-Solutions have been created prefer to serve in outsourcing area with Headquarters in Germany and Ukraine. Our leaders started work in outsourcing years ago and already got a lot of regular customers, and now Zubi-Solutions is ready to expand and help every business with their IT needs.

So what do we do?
At the moment we have 28 talents that can help in full-cycle web & mobile development if we would specify:
e-commerce, CRM, mobile games, hmtl+css+webGL games, automatizations of business processes, SAP.
That is all already got experience at, and we are expanding the back-end team moving into ASP .Net, see you soon.

At the end of the day, we want to add: If you would need help in any kind of project, or even you got an idea, Zubi-Solutions is ready to do Business Analytics, creating Prototypes, Design and Develop for you.
You could need some team of developers or some specific developer, so we are at your service to help with HR.

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