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Senior Software Developer

Ovidiu Daniel Juncanariu | Berlin | Remote
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Bachelor's Degree


I am a Senior PHP Developer with more than 15 years of experience in web software development;
The experience and the knowledge that I have got over the more than 15 years of experience in web software development, define me as flexible, capable of handle multiple tasks, able to work with minimal supervision, and also makes me understand better the deadlines, the importance of the project and time management.

I am a team person, enjoy meeting, and work with people with diverse backgrounds. I'm always eager to learn new technologies and procedures, I pay attention to details and I am concerned to improve resource utilization, optimizing development environment, and improve team efficiency.


Erfahrung in Jahren

Git / Gitlab


Senior Backend Engineer (Freelancer) at Kollex GmbH, Berlin September 2019 — Present

Working as a freelancer for this company, I have been having to:
• understand the processes and take over the back-end system of the E-commerce platform, developed by another agency, based on Spryker Commerce OS;
• helping the team to create development, staging, and production environments;
• improving CI processes.
• improving the performance of the shop;
• design the architecture and develop new features;
Technologies: PHP7, Spryker Commerce OS, Symfony 4, RESTful APIs, PostgreSQL, RabbitMQ, Redis, Kubernetes, CircleCI, Docker, Git / Gitlab, Codeception, AWS (ECS, ECR, S3)

Senior Backend Developer (Freelancer) at Allmyhomes GmbH, Berlin May 2019 — August 2019

Having a limited period contract (3 months + extension) with this company, I was involved within the team to create the architecture based on micro-services and to improve the performance of their internal back-office system, used by internal employees and by sales agents.
Technologies: PHP7, Laravel Framework, RESTful APIs, MySQL, Kubernetes, Docker, Git / Gitlab, Codeception

Senior Full Stack Developer at Mytoys Group, Berlin April 2017 — April 2019

As a Full Stack Developer, my responsibilities were to develop new features and to improve the performance of the company's E-Commerce core platform, used to build multiple online shops.
I was also responsible to migrate and to develop new custom modules and features for Drupal 7 / 8 CMS, used to build the configuration and content of the website.
I was also involved in the building process of a new architecture based on microservices.
Technologies: PHP7, Symfony 3, Symfony MicroKernel, Docker, Drupal CMS, Javascript (ECMAScript 6), Redis, Java Spring Framework, NodeJs, Nginx, Apache, Gìt, Jenkins, CI, AWS.

Senior Web Developer at Tyre24 GmbH/Saitow AG,, Berlin October 2013 — October 2016

Being part of the Research & Development team, I was involved in the researching process and implementation of the best technologies and solutions in order to match the project
requirements. Together with a team of 10 - 12 developers, I worked and developed the back-end part of a multi-shop E-commerce system based on micro-services, using Symphony framework, Silex, RabbitMQ, MySql, MongoDb, Solr, Memcache, Redis, Vagrant & Puppet, Docker, Kubernetes, Swarm, Nginx, Git, Jenkins and PhpUnit.

Senior PHP Developer at Groupon GmbH, Berlin May 2012 — September 2013

It was my first job in Berlin where I got in touch with people with diverse backgrounds and nationalities. I worked together with a team of 6 developers in the development process of web-based projects such as and REST APIs using Zend Framework as main development architecture, Apache Solr open-source as a bridge between API and web interface, MySQL as storage database, PhpUnit, Jenkins, Html, Javascript (jQuery, DOM-based scripting), XML, CSS, Ajax, Memcached, Git, SVN.

Senior Web Developer / Technical lead at Netbridge Services, Bucharest February 2007 — April 2012

As a technical lead and senior web developer, I gain knowledge of technical specifications, leadership, team building, work-flow development and time management.
I was involved in the evaluation and planning process of the new features for the project, using Scrum Agile Management methodology as work-flow.
Together with a team of 3 - 6 developers, we developed new models for the web application using PHP as the main programming language, Oracle and Mysql as storage databases, Apache Solr to achieve good timing results on filtering and search engines, MongoDB for manipulation of the large volume of information, Html, CSS, Javascript (jQuery, DOM-based scripting), Ajax, XML, Smarty, Caching systems (Memcached, disk cache, SQL cache), Source Control Management (SVN, Mercurial).

I think I had a significant contribution to:
• Implementing SEO best practices
• Design and develop core components
• Design databases architecture
• Improving the website speed.
• Design and develop the platform's API and Web services(SOAP, REST)
• Developing Facebook applications, Facebook Connect, using Php SDK, Javascript SDK, FQL, and Open Graph Protocol.
• Test-Driven Development and Unit testing using PHPUnit and Selenium
• Developing WordPress blogs
• Implementing recurring payments systems (Paypal, credit card payments, SMS payment),
Working on this project, along with the entire development team we had to rewrite the entire application code, trying to use the best technologies. After this process, the greatest achievement was that the number of unique visitors had increased by more than 50%, and also the web site revenues had increased together with the improved services and with the growth of the number of visitors.

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