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Electric Enginerring

Andrew Prine | Remote
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Kategorie(n): Engineering | IT



Versatile engineer focused on electronics and product design, with strong emphasis on high-complexity printed circuit board designs.

Whether it's taking an existing Arduino / Raspberry Pi prototype and turning it into a manufacturable product, or developing a brand new product from the early concept stage.
Furthermore, I'm also a professional web developer / designer with over 5 yrs of experience in website development. It will be very useful for integrating our devices.

Key offerings:
• Electronics design and printed circuit board (PCB) layout with Altium Designer

• Products incorporating Bluetooth, BLE, WiFi, and serial interfaces (SPI, I2C, LIN, RS-232, RS-485) I design, assemble and test prototype electronics with in-house equipment.

•Html, CSS, Java, React, Ruby on Rails, Python

My excellent communication skills with all clients allow me to solve any questions.
Please feel free to challenge me with your tough projects.

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