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Mallika Vinod | Regensburg
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java , jsf, mysql, oracle

Kpit : Software engineer for 1 year worked on java.

Ibi : System support engineer for 7 months.

I have completed my Master Degree, in the field of Computer Science and Engineering from KLE Technological University Hubli, India in 2017 .I completed my Bachelors Degree in Computer Science and Engineering from KLS’s Vishwanath Rao Deshpande Rural Institute of Technology Haliyal, India in 2013. Previously I was working as a software Trainee in KPIT PUNE, India. To earn my Masters Degree i did my Internship in the field of Software development in Java for a period of 7 months at KPIT Pune, India. I have worked before at IBI Consultancy pvt ltd as Systems Support Engineer. Enduring a passion towards Computer Science during my College days I started learning and working on different software tools. With a keen interest to develop my knowledge I worked on many tools and programming languages.

The project which I came across my bachelors and Masters helped me to gain overall knowledge over programming and Java in particular along with tools and practices, with the emphasis of designing, developing of applications. I master languages such as Java, SQL, Python, Html, Notepad++. Software tools such as Eclipse, MS Office, Pycharm, HSQLDB. I have in depth knowledge and successfully used and implemented. I therefore see myself as a strong and confident who can work to achieve goals within the time frame. I also have thirst for learning new languages and love German and Bavarian culture. As a candidate, along with certain period of experience in Industry I have flexibility in both language and culture to operate successfully in many different contexts. I am always motivated and inspired quickly to carry out new activities. I would be very much interested to work with your company for a long term. Please find my attached curriculum vitae and supporting documents which depicts better overview of my profile. I am confident that i can make an effective contribution to your organization, and welcome the opportunity to meet you to discuss how my education and abilities might best be employed by your organization. Thank you for your consideration and looking forward for your response.

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