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M. Eng

Bremen , Deutschland

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Fähigkeiten, Kenntnisse und Erfahrungen

I am Christian Oekermann, a talented engineer and independent researcher from Bremen.

As an engineering consultant I offer my customers a holistic view on technical problems. This is what you need if you want to work successfully and cost-efficient in interdisciplinary projects.

I have expert knowledge in various engineering disciplines and deep understanding of their interconnection:

- Business-Knowledge: I run my own company (a startup-business for robotic actuators), so I understand the legal requirements and customers’ needs.

- High-Tech qualification: For several years I was working as a researcher in robotics (designing autonomous cars and space-robots), in lightweight structural design (advanced FEM-Simulation) and electric drivetrains (UAV-propulsion). I studied aerospace-technology and computer-based mechanical engineering.

- Practical experience: I like to get my hands dirty. I am a certified aircraft technician, used to work in heavy maintenance for Airbus and Boing aircrafts. Still, I like to be in the workshop, designing my own CNC-mills and 3D-printers.

If a project catches me, I can’t stop thinking about it until I find the best solution (which is obviously good for my customers).

Contact me if you want to get new ideas!