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6 years experience in FEA analysis of Engines and Vehicle. Three patents and two SAE publication on Engine connecting rod and balancer shaft design.

Software: Hyperworks, ABAQUS, AVL Excite, MSC NASTRAN, FEMFAT, Optistruct, MSC ADAMS, Ncode Glyphworks.

Types of Analysis: Cranktrain 1D torsional analysis, Linear and Nonlinear analysis, Contact based analysis, Nonlinear materials with elasto-plastic properties, Thermo-Mechanical strength analysis, Static, Modal, Buckling, Fatigue, Optimization, FRF, Vibration fatigue

Engine Subsystems Simulations Delivered:
· Cylinder-Head-Block: Thermomechanical strength and fatigue, Gasket evaluation, Bore distortion
· Main Bearing Wall: Strength and fatigue under gasload, Splitline evaulation, Minimum oilfilm thickness evaluation
· Cranktrain: Crankshaft 1D torsional - AVL excite, Crankshaft strength and fatigue, Crank pulley & flywheel strength
· Connecting rod: Strength and fatigue under gas load and inertia load, Splitline evaluation, Buckling, Shell back pressure
· Valve train: Camshaft strength and fatigue under camloads and chain loads, Push rod buckling, rocker arm strength
· Exhaust manifold: Thermomechanical analysis strength, Gasket performance
· Intake & Exhaust system: Modal, Gravity load, FRF, Vibration fatigue
· FEAD system: FEAD and front cover strength and fatigue, power train bending

Projects Delivered:
· 3 cylinder Gasoline Turbochanged engine and Naturally Aspirated engine for SUV.
· 4 cylinder Diesel Turbochanged engine and Naturally Aspirated Engine for export tractor.
· 1 cylinder Diesel Engine and 3 cylinder Diesel engine for Genset application.
· 3 Cylinder high capacity Diesel engine for tractor.

Vehicle Subsystems Simulations Delivered:

· BIW: Accelerated Durability Test under road load condition - 321g, 2g twist, frontal impact, trimmed and untrimmed modal analysis, Bending & Torsion stiffness, floor sage, Tow hook strength and fatigue
· Closures: Side door and tail door torsional stiffness, door sage, door over open, oil canning, Dimpling, hood stay rod, hood re-enforcement strength and fatigue.
· Suspension System: Strength and fatigue analysis for LCA, twist beam, knuckle and K-Frame/Cross member
· Interior Trims: Strength, deflection, oil canning and Dimpling analysis for A-pillar, B-pillar, C-pillar trims. Strength, deflection and modal analysis for instrument panel.
· Exterior Trims: Strength, Deflection, Modal, and FRF analysis for Front bumper, Rear bumper and Rear view mirrors