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Blackcad Engineering GmbH

Jaroslaw Kedzierski | Grünstadt
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Kategorie(n): Engineering



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  • Polnisch (Muttersprache)




- Automotive / Turbocharger/ Interieur & Cockpit / Tools
Focus & skills
- Problem Solving, Creativity, Communication Skills, Teamwork,
- flexibility and full involvement, where deadline and project/task completion are a priority,
- commitment to all projects, from the request for a quotation to the final preparation of serial documentation,
- significantly shorter completion time for 3D models and 2D documentation, especially in the early stages of the project, driven by the development
of methodology and template models
- good spirit and understanding among team members + optimalisation of task assignment to particular workers resulting
- Best in class efficiency in task solving/ project completion,
- active communication with the customer and subcontractors aimed at reaching the optimum solution, which ensures the lowest production cost,
Areas of expertises /Range of services
- Lead design as well as Customer and Supplier coordination,
- Design of automotive components like turbochargers, interieur / cockpits and tools
- Design and development of components, like sheet metal, steel/iron/aluminium/plastic casting & machining
- 3D model printing in Composite (Carbon Fiber, Kevlar, Fiberglass) & FDM & SLA technology, own equipment available
- SAP stucture preparation
- digitalization of the current documentation to 2D/3D form , preparation of drawings based on 3D models *
- 3D modelling and preparation of 2D drawings in CAD environment *
- GD&T calculation preparation
- preparation of complete project/design to strictly meet all customer requirements,
- Package study - establishing the minimum distance and tolerances for the given package
- testing and ensuring the full functionality of the project/design,
- testing the installation/assembly capability using 3D modeling in CAD environment,
- testing the installation/assembly capability using 3D prints (Composite, FDM, SLA)
- continually updated preparation of the documentation/history of ongoing changes,
ProE-Creo / Catia / SolidWorks Professional / NX / Inventor / AutoCad / SAP

- We strive to achieve the best-in-class customer service and support to reduce lead-time
- We want to offer complete prototyping services
- We invest in cutting edge 3D-printing technologies such as composite (carbon fiber, fiberglass, kevlar) and we plan to invest in metal 3D printing for
- We are introducing 3D scanning - reverse engineering
- We are expanding our business in Poland and establishing new partnerships with engineers from around Poland and Germany
- We are currently applying for funding to further develop our company and in turn be awarded certifications (in the near future ISO-9001)


References available after inquiry


Meine Firma bietet Dienstleistungen im Bereich Automotive/Konstruktion an. Wir greifen hier auf mehrjährige und tiefgreifende Erfahrungen zurück.

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