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hardware developer

Brno-City District, Czech Republic
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We are a team of motivated engineers working with passion on various solutions in R&D of electronic industry involving fields of Hardware, Software, FPGA, DSP, and RF design. Our solutions can be found in modern-day embedded systems, test&measurement systems, and radio devices. Find out more in description on Services page.

Every day we challenge demanding assignments from our customers, who appreciate our services for:
- deep knowledge base gained from experience with complex projects
- close co-operation, flexibility, and spirit of a small team
- various types of business cooperation and competitive price models

Are you looking for a reliable, stable, and competent partner for your R&D program? Do you need high-end engineers to speed up your current project? Do you have a lack of testing capacities? Would you like to shorten your learning curve for products we have experience with? Would you like to successfully practise the Nearshoring model? If your answer is YES to any of these questions, then please contact us and let us know what we can do about it!

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