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Brand & Marketing Consultant

Achim Briechle | Berlin
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I am helping brands to stand out in a changing and digital driven world.

I’ve spent 15 years working with some of world’s leading brands, marketeers and founders helping to build some of today’s most modern and stimulating brands.

During my career I have focused in helping brand communications philosophy pivot out of a decades old traditional media driven approach into a more integrated, market and people centric approach.

I believe brands can have major impact if we think more wholistically, taking a step back to understand the core of Branding and communications before we mainly focus on lead-generation and digital tactics.

I have a passion working with brands that are young at heart or established brands looking to find their stimulator again. I believe that strategy should be to collaboratively inspire courageous action in solving business problems.

Brand Strategy
As a strategist it’s my job to make everyone else in the room smarter, helping you to find the right vision and a wholistic picture of the challenge. Nothing lasts, everything changes continuously. Achieving real impact today requires strategists that understand the execution.

Marketing Consulting
Digital has changed the game how customers filter brands. What is Strategy without a great execution? Is it still the same split? Do we still play the old game? Yes and no! I'm happy to help you get your execution done and ready to create impact.

Account / New Business
My core strength is to see the big picture. If you are looking for a freelance support that is one step ahead of the game or in need when things are a little flat, they galvanise their colleagues and keep them motivated, I can give you a hand.

Interims Mgmt. / Coaching
I can quickly familiarize myself with new tasks and sense which topics really have priority. If you have to fill a short- or midterm gap with Senior Experience – I am happy to talk about your challenges.

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