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Erfahrener Unternehmensberater und Projektleiter mit 11 Jahren Beratungserfahrung mit den Schwerpunkten Transformation, Reorganisation und Kostensenkung

Projektliste (Englisch)

Independent professional
- Post Merger Integration: Integrated EUR 400m acquisition company into EUR 1.5b parent company, defined future organizational set-up and identified synergies of EUR 3m
- Strategy and growth: Identified and prioritized growth levers worth EUR 90m and defined roadmaps for implementation for PE owned client company
- Cost reduction and performance management: Reduced client’s overhead costs by EUR 84m (equiv. to 17% of client’s procured overhead costs)
- Cost reduction and performance management: Reduced client’s expenditures for corporate services by EUR 46m
- Quality cost reduction: Identified quality cost reduction measures worth EUR 105m (equiv. to 1% of client’s revenue) and controlled implementation
- Cost reduction: Conducted cost reduction workshops at client’s key R&D locations and identified cost reduction measures of EUR 4m
- Performance improvement: Set up and managed performance improvement program, identified measures of EUR 9m (from EUR 4m to EUR 13m EBITDA) and controlled implementation
- Sales performance management and pricing: Rolled out account planning and pricing methodology to 8 regions and steered price increases of EUR 15m
- Sales performance management: Defined and managed recovery plan after loss of major customer, mitigating a EUR 10m EBITDA risk
- Procurement: Benchmarked indirect procurement set-up of seven European multinational corporations
- Procurement: Designed scorecard to control and reduce indirect procured costs with a baseline of > EUR 800m
- Spin-off: Developed business models and financial plans for two medical care centers
- Commercial Due Diligence: Conducted a CDD for acquisition of a printing house > EUR 300m revenue

Siemens Management Consulting (SMC)
- Reorganization: Reorganized business unit with 10,000 employees as part of a strategic transformation of client’s division
- Sales stimulation: Identified service growth measures worth EUR 200m (equiv. to 10% of client’s service revenue) and set up implementation plan accordingly
- Product launch: Prepared market launch for new product in Brazil and Russia with additional revenue of EUR 5m
- Sales set-up: Defined new sales set-up in Middle East for client’s business unit
- Strategy: Defined targets and sales strategy for all 12 global regions
- Strategy: Defined market strategy and focus countries to meet growth target of EUR 7b revenues and EUR11b new orders
- Reorganization: Reorganized corporate quality department
- Reorganization: Introduced new job function in product management organization of client’s business unit
- Human Resource Management: Designed global university relations strategy and selected target universities
- Innovation management: Benchmarked client’s technology with key competitors
- IT: Developed requirement specification for new software system for client’s business segment and selected software supplier
- Relocation: Defined and ramped up relocation of factory with estimated relocation costs of EUR 3 m

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