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Dipl.-Phys. Univ.


- 24 years hands on experience in the German Utilities industry
- Recognized expert in electricity distribution network operation and metering of electricity, gas, water and heat with comprehensive, sound, detailed and current specialized knowledge
- Business division manager with responsibility for P&L and staff
- Long-standing expert in business development in the Energy & Utilities market with strong network
- Experienced program manager for complex projects
- Long-time expert for the Energy & Utilities market, energy efficiency companies and value added service providers

Key responsibilities
- Building, managing and developing of new businesses, ensure and maintain profitability and guarantee compliance with regulation
- Gathering and anticipating customer needs and creating suitable solutions
- Building, managing and sustaining of sophisticated customer relations
- Development of business strategies and opportunities assessment
- Creation and execution of business plans, business development plans and go-to-market plans
- Opening up of new markets
- Management of complex projects
- Projects delivery in time and budget
- Consultative selling in complex sales situations
- Working in a global team

Soft skills
- Self-starter and determined worker also under time pressure
- Team-player who is able to listen and moderate
- Eagerness for learning and development, fast adopting
- Emphatic, visionary and well-skilled personal and business coach
- Strategically and visionary oriented entrepreneur strong in realizing and making things happen

- Deep industry knowledge in the energy and utilities business, experiences in the capital goods and consumer goods industry
- Profound knowledge of the regulations in the energy market and very deep understanding of the energy market structure, market roles, interactions and processes
- Regular cooperation with the German energy associations and the regulatory body
- Successful management and delivery of complex projects with many units involved
- Smart Metering and added value services for all energy branches
- Senior Manager with proven track record of successful business development
- Highly developed analytical skills, technical understanding and eagerness high affinity for IT and experience gained in various consulting and system integration projects
- Expert for business processes in the energy and utilities business
- Substantial experience in the manufacturing industry
- Experience in the acquisition of businesses
- Experiences with EU funding


Erfahrung in Jahren

Scrum Master
Interim Management
Senior Manager
Business Development
Energy & Utilities
Personal Coaching
Business Coaching


Projects And Assignments

Time frame : 01.2018 – 02.2019
Company : Sopra Steria SE
Assignment : Senior Manager Utilities
Tasks :
- Senior Manager Business Consulting Energy & Utilities
- Responsible for building up the Business Consulting branch for the Business Unit Energy & Utilities
- Determination of the offering portfolio
- Building up delivery capability
- Knowledge building and transfer by developing and conducting comprehensive trainings
- Responsible for order entry and external revenue
- Operationalize the offerings
- Drive innovation and digitalization

Time frame : 10.2016 – 12.2017
Company : Netze BW GmbH
Assignment : Project Manager
Context : ROMI rollout management of intelligent metering systems and smart meters
Tasks :
- Selection of metering points for the rollout of intelligent metering systems and smart meters
- Economic optimization for the default metering operator
- Optimization of installation mandatory and optional metering systems
- Clarification of legal questions according to the German metering law and BNetzA
- Control of the rollout (surveillance, identify and follow up of agreed actions, setting up of an effective monitoring)
- Building up and usage of a process key indicator system
- Process definition of new metering operator processes
- Composition of requirements definitions for the software support of the rollout management
- Responsible for the economically optimized rollout of 2.5 million metering points

Time frame : 04.2015 – 09.2016
Company : Netze BW GmbH
Assignment : Project Manager
Context : ROMI rollout and pilot concept
Tasks :
- Elaborate a concept for the pilot and rollout of smart meters and smart meter gateways for one of the largest meter operator in Germany considering economical optimization and right strategical positioning
- Create of decision proposal for the management
- Clarify detailed rollout questions
- Create a detailed action and project plan
- Provide security concerning strategic and operational procedures
- Elaborate a concept for the rollout steering
- Participate in the steering committee of the rollout planning
- Coordinate the different subprojects with different targets and tasks
- Provide highly efficient tools for control in pilot and rollout
- Optimize the implementation planning to economic success
- Demonstrate and assess new, sustaining and profitable growth fields in the context of smart metering
- Demonstrate new and extended customer value of smart metering systems
- Plan and accompany the operational implementation of the rollout
- Elaborate a concept for the transition of the project into the regular operation
- Contribute to the project success by introducing international best practices in the smart meter rollout

Time frame : 04.2015
Company : Netze BW GmbH
Assignment : Project Manager
Context : ROMI rollout concept method for concept creation
Tasks :
- Elaborate a structured method to reach the required result from the status quo
- Project planning considering resources, time-lines, legal framework, dependencies and contribution of all subprojects
- Planning of project procedure in work packages; definition of work packages according to content, method, input and output and results
- Elaborate strategies for solving the optimization task under the viewpoints of efficiency and effectiveness
- Elaborate assessment procedures of the potential scenarios according to key criteria
- Description of project results of all working packages, estimation of external and internal expenditures, time planning
- Presentation to the core team

Time frame : 09.2014 – 11.2014
Company : Stadtwerke Bielefeld GmbH
Assignment : Deputy Project Manager, expert smart metering
Context : Measures assessment: fit for rollout
Tasks :
- Assessment regarding effort and costs in the topics business processes, systems and interfaces
- Estimation of required budgets and resources
- Creation of a detailed cost planning and project budget

Time frame : 05.2014 – 12.2014
Company : Regional municipality federation
Assignment : Deputy Project Manager, expert smart metering
Context : Cooperation smart meter gateway administration
Tasks :
- Analysis and assessment of internal and external influential factor, especially of the legal and regulatory frame conditions
- Definition of the strategic environment
- Definition of the process frame
- Definition of different scenarios and cooperation variants in the implementation of the smart meter gateway administrators and the smart meter rollout
- Economic analysis of the different scenarios and cooperation variants
- Analysis and assessment of strategic advantages and disadvantages, opportunities and threads
- Creation of a decision proposal
- Presentation the general management committee

Time frame : 05.2014
Company : Regional IT-service provider for municipalities
Assignment : Consulting strategy and tactics
Context : Strategical repositioning: change and extension of the business model, modification of the owner structure
Tasks :
- Analysis of trends in IT-topics and industry structure
- Analysis of current businesses and motivation to act
- Elaboration of strategic options
- Creation of a decision proposal for the steering committee

Time frame : 01.2014 – 04.2014
Company : Steria Mummert Consulting GmbH
Assignment : Project manager
Context : Detailed analysis and know-how transfer:
Tasks :
- Investigation of transferability of experiences, processes and systems of the mass-rollout of smart metering in France to Germany
- Analysis, comparison and assessment of the general environment regarding, legal and regulatory frame conditions, technological, communication-infrastructural and social-cultural aspects in France and Germany
- Detailed analysis of the Steria-owned solution for the deployment of concentrators and meters regarding system, processes and functions, feasibility, economics and customer acceptance
- Investigation of the smart meter-enabled services in the automated meter management
- Transfer of know-how and experiences of the French colleagues from the development project (including the extension towards gas smart metering)
- Creation of a feasibility study and proposal

Time frame : Since 07.2013
Company : Steria Mummert Consulting GmbH since 01.2015 Sopra Steria GmbH
Assignment : Senior Manager Utilities — Advisory and Sales
Tasks :
- Manager Smart Energy
- Responsible for building up of a new vertical offering for the Sector Unit Utilities
- Business development in the smart energy market including strategy setting, partner management, business model design, portfolio management, resource planning, business case calculation
- Responsible for order entry and external revenue
- Creation of personal revenue
- Operationalize the offerings
- Develop and execute a go-to-market concept
- Manage customer relationships
- Provide sales-kit and training material, conduct trainings
- Drive innovation and check for funding opportunities

Time frame : 02.2010 – 06.2013
Company : Atos Origin GmbH / Atos Information Technology GmbH (since 07.2011)
Assignment : Business Development Manager HTTS Energy & Utilities
Tasks :
- Responsible for the Energy & Utilities business in the service line High-Tech Transactional Services in Germany
- Business development in energy & utilities market including strategy setting, partner management, business model design (e.g. BPO-model), portfolio management, resource planning, business case calculation
- Develop, design and build the overall solution for smart energy (smart metering, smart grids, meter data management) with partners, business model, contract design, Atos community involvement
- Implement the BSI Protection Profile in the solution and develop a security strategy for smart energy
- Business planning
- Account planning
- Go-to-market planning
- Maintain strong relationship to the Market Unit and provide intensive support by sales and pre-sales activities
- Manage customer relationships
- Pipeline generation and pipeline management
- Provide sales-kit and training material, conduct trainings
- Drive innovation and check for funding opportunities

Timeframe : 06.2009
Customer : RWE IT GmbH
Assignment : Training Smart Metering
Tasks :
- Fundamentals
- Legal framework
- Market analysis
- Customer segmentation
- Product differentiation
- Channels

Timeframe : 06.2009 – 08.2009
Customer : Company in the segment telecommunication
Assignment : Consulting
Context : New Business Planning Smart Metering
Tasks :
Consult in the scope
- Strategic purpose
- Opportunity scan
- Opportunity short list
- High level business case
- Business plan
- Go-live action plan

Time frame : Since 08.2008
Company : Atos Origin GmbH / Atos Information Technology GmbH (since 07.2011)
Assignment : Product champion Smart Metering
Tasks :
- Consult customers and management
- Responsible for Smart Metering in Atos Origin for Germany
- Develop business and strategy
- Prepare business plans and economic calculations
- Segment customers, products, services and sales channels
- Support sales by pre-sales activities
- Conduct trainings
- Transfer of international solutions and adapt to German market requirements
- Build up competencies in the delivery unit
- Create marketing and information material

Timeframe : 04.2008 to 12.2008
Customer : GVS Netz GmbH, Gas-Union GmbH, Wingas GmbH
Assignment : Software specification
Context : Energy balancing
Tasks :
- Design processes
- Gather and consolidate the requirements
- Create a software specification to cover the presetting of reserve energy and the supplier switch process

Timeframe : 03.2008 to 05.2008
Customer : GVS Netz GmbH
Assignment : Consulting
Context : Energy balancing
Tasks :
- Conduct coaching and training for the customer
- Design processes
- Gather the requirements

Timeframe : 07.2007 to 03.2008
Customer : Wingas Transport GmbH & Co. KG
Assignment : Functional design
Context : Transport and storage management
Tasks :
- Define business processes
- Gather the requirements
- Align with the parameters of the Kooperationsvereinbarung, EASEE-gas, EDIG@S, BNetzA and BGW-guidelines
- Compile a functional specification

Timeframe : 01.2005 to 06.2007
Company : Atos Origin GmbH
Assignment : Business development and sales support
Tasks :
- Build up of a demonstration system for managing the gas supplier switch processes
- Manage several bids
- Develop solutions for services in the area of the energy service hub
- Prepare business cases
- Develop strategies and coordinate with the sales
- Create marketing material and prepare fairs

Timeframe : 11.2004 to 12.2004
Customer : Avacon AG
Assignment : Project management, consulting
Context : Software specification for the inquiry management and balancing for the gas transport
Tasks :
- Define the business processes
- Work out the requirements
- Compile the specification

Timeframe : 06.2004 to 07.2004
Customer : OMV Gas GmbH
Assignment : Project management, consulting
Context : Software specification for the inquiry management, capacity management and contract management for gas transport
Tasks :
- Define the business processes
- Work out the requirements
- Compile the specification
- Compile the implementation plan
- Compile a budgetary estimation

Timeframe : 02.2004 to 03.2004
Customer : Wingas GmbH
Assignment : Consulting
Context : Assessment and enhancements of the energy trading system
Tasks :
- Assess the status quo
- Prepare a functional specification for selected business processes
- Assess the proprietary developed software
- Prepare and conduct a workshop for a comprehensive approach with
o Business process reengineering
o Overlapping system strategy
o Development of the task expansion of the energy trading

Timeframe : 01.2004 to 08.2006
Customer : ETM Erdgas Transport Management GmbH
Assignment : Consulting, system integration
Context : Implementation of the main business software
Tasks :
- Realize a system for gas transport and related services
- Design business processes and match them with the business model
- Consult about the new market models and business needs
- Prepare the specification as development basis

Timeframe : 08.2003 to 12.2003
Company : SchlumbergerSema GmbH
Assignment : Consulting and Business Development
Tasks :
- Compose a business development plan in the business segment utilities
- Develop the SchlumbergerSema portfolio for utilities
- Develop Ruhrgas AG as strategic customer
- Support sales as consultant for business processes in utilities, unbundling, strategic repositioning, new businesses
- Manage several bids
- Analyze the markets and set-up of strategic alliances

Timeframe : 03.2003 to 07.2003
Customer : actogas GmbH
Assignment : Project management, consulting
Context : Selection of a system for gas trading, risk and portfolio management
Tasks :
- Define the business processes
- Compile the requirements
- Create the evaluation scheme
- Prepare the request for proposal document
- Evaluate the offers
- Present the results and recommend to the board of directors

Timeframe : 09.2002 to 02.2003
Company : SchlumbergerSema GmbH
Assignment : Project manager Schlumberger@Gas
Context : Development of the business division gas
Tasks :
- Consolidate the business divisions upstream of Schlumberger and downstream of SchlumbergerSema
- Develop a consistent offer along the whole value chain from the drill head to the burner tip
- Position the offer on the international gas markets
- Lead an international team
- Build the foundation of the utilities offering of SchlumbergerSema

Timeframe : 11.2001 to 03.2004
Company : SchlumbergerSema GmbH
Assignment : Vice President Consulting NCE (North and Central Europe)
Tasks :
- Build and head the business practice consulting in North and Central Europe and CIS
- Functionally head an international team of 60 consultants
- Bear revenue responsibility of eight million USD
- Arrange the consulting offer in Germany
o Define of the portfolio
o Conduct market analysis
o Investigate possible strategic partnerships
o Train sales and implement a three phase customer management process
o Extend the offer to other segments, mainly utilities. Hitherto it has been focused on finance and public sector.
- Expand the consulting in Sweden
o Open up new business segments
o Extend the offer at existing clients
o Strengthen the excellent relationship to governmental clients
o Include further offerings in the consulting portfolio
- Build up the consulting offer in Eastern Europe and CIS
o Consolidate the international activities
o Participate in the TACIS and PHARE programs in close cooperation with the Brussels EU-contact representatives

Timeframe : 08.2001 to 10.2001
Company : SchlumbergerSema GmbH
Assignment : Business development utilities
Context : Building of a common strategy for utilities in the new company SchlumbergerSema
Tasks :
- Merge the competencies of Schlumberger and Sema
- Conduct market research, analysis and opportunity assessment
- Create a growth strategy
- Deduce a defined action list
- Develop and present the business development plan utilities for SchlumbergerSema and get the management approval

Timeframe : 08.1999 to 10.2001
Company : Schlumberger Rombach GmbH
Assignment : Head of the business division Solutions in Germany
Context : Build a service business based on the meter manufacturing
Tasks :
- Set-up and head the service activities of Schlumberger in Germany in a combination of all resource types (electricity, gas, water, heat)
- Embed the activities in an international team
- Head a team of 25 employees
- Bear responsibility for P&L with a budget of 20 million DM
- Represent the company as Prokurist
- Build up a European data center for energy data in Karlsruhe
- Establish and maintain strategic partnerships
- Sell together with the managing director on board level to establish Schlumberger as service provider
- Act as acquisition team leader and conduct a full due diligence

Timeframe : 01.1999 to 07.1999
Company : Schlumberger Rombach GmbH
Assignment : Lead the development of an Key Account Management
Context : Cross-segment consolidation of the sales activities
Tasks :
- Build a cross-segment Key Account Management (electricity, gas, water, heat)
- Systematically develop business contacts to key customers
- Actively drive cross-selling
- Position of Schlumberger as service provider beyond the metering business

Timeframe : 10.1996 to 12.1998
Company : Schlumberger AEG Zähler GmbH
Assignment : Program management
Context : Development of the C&I electricity meter according to the requirements of the VDEW (Verband der deutschen Elektrizitätswirtschaft)
Tasks :
- Head a team for the design, development, manufacturing, testing, approval, marketing and perfective maintenance of the new C&I electricity meter according to the VDEW requirements
- Involve all functions in the manufacturing inclusive
o Design and production of the casing and processing of elements
o PCB design and production
o Development of software and firmware
o Tests
o Quality management
o Approval at the Physikalisch-Technische-Bundesanstalt
- Represent a project volume of three million DM
- Ensure a project pay-back of more than ten million Euro
- Support intensively the sales at several dozen utilities
- Establish as market champion on the German utilities market
- Conduct comprehensive market analysis and develop USPs
- Involve the project in the international product development and the international marketing
- Use basis components from international development platforms

Timeframe : 02.1996 to 03.1996
Customer : Siemens AG (mobile phones)
Assignment : Consulting
Context : Elaborate a product development strategy
Tasks :
- Conduct market research
- Develop a strategic product development roadmap
- Compile a component strategy

Timeframe : 01.1996 to 02.1996
Customer : Siemens AG (KWU)
Assignment : Consulting
Context : Development of a strategic re-positioning as gas turbine manufacturer
Tasks :
- Conduct market research and opportunities assessment
- Rework the supplier management
- Develop strategic partnerships with airplane turbine manufacturers

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Name Institution Finished
Professional Scrum Master 2018
Transformation Coach for companies Robert Betz Transformations 2017
Transformation Therapist Robert Betz Transformations 2016
Global Organisational Leadership Development Atos Origin University 2005
Sales Management SchlumbergerSema 2003
Performance Coaching Speakers International 2002
People Management Management Centre Europe 2001
Management Training Schlumberger 2001
Finance for non-financial managers Strategic Management Group 2000
Total Quality Management Schlumberger 1999
Winning Complex Sales Infoteam Sales Process Consulting 1999
Marketing Function Training Schlumberger 1997
Academic studies of physics Technical University of Munich 1995

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