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David Reitz | Stuttgart
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o Server Infrastructure: Windows Server 2012-2019, Active Directory, SSCM) +++
o Consolidation of IT-Infrastructure (Virtualization with Citrix, Hyper-V, VMware and Hyper-Converged Solutions like Nutanix, Atlantis) ++
o Microsoft Office365: Enterprise Integration & Migration / Rollout: Azure Active Directory, Data Migration ++++
o DMS / ECM: ELO Enterprise, Docuware, Kendox Invoice Approval + Kendox InfoShare Server, Office365 / Sharepoint 365, GoBD/GDPDR/GSDVO Compliance +++
o BPM (Business Process Management) & Business Workflow Tools: Nintex, K2, ServiceNow, Microsoft Flow (Design / Setup Workflows & API Business Integration for ERP & CRM Systems, RPA (Robotic Process Automation), Kofax RPA ++++
o ERP Microsoft Dynamics NAV: Navision 2009 R2 Classic, MS Dynamics Navision 2017 On-Premise (Version Migration, Development) +++
o ERP Dynamics AX 2012 R2 & R3, modules Inventory and Warehouse Management, Accounts Payable & Receivable, DevOps ++
o ERP Dynamics 365 Business Central (Consulting & Requirement Management,
o ERP Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations (Cloud), modules Inventory and Warehouse Management
o CRM Micsosoft Dynamics CRM: Implementation & Business Analysis, Lead importing, Marketing Automation +++
o CRM Dynamics 365 for Sales: Requirement Management, Project Management, User and Implementation Knowledge +++++
o Dynamics 365 for Field Service +++++
o Dynamics 365 for Customer Service +++
o Software Development general(C#, .NET Technologies, Visual Studio, X++, C/SIDE, C/AL, ASP.NET) ++++
o Planning and Implementation of SOA-Service Solutions (SOAP, REST, XML) +++
o Databases relational/document oriented: (Microsoft SQL, MySQL, MongoDB ) ++
o Cloud Migration / Cloud implementation / Cloud Consulting (with AWS: mainly development, Azure: Dev + Integration, Project Management, Cloud Security Consulting) +++++
o Consulting / Project Management IT (ITIL knowledge, Experience as SPOC, Six Sigma Practices, SCRUM lover & agile mindset ) ++++


asap verfügbar, EU-Weit


o Cloud Migration Project to Amazon EC2 Instances – Building a scalable Cluster for the BI-Software project ( chemical industry ) in Nordrhein-Westfalen, documentation of functions and training of developers and test users, monitoring compliance of the migration

Role: IT Project Manager
Technologies in Use: Amazon AWS Services (EC2, S3), MS Project, MS Visio
Duration: 8 Month (05-15 until 12-15)

o .NET Development of a tool for comparing several insurance conditions and management of contract data for an insurance company – document oriented database, deployment and hosting of a replicated mongo-DB cluster and WCF-application

Role: Developer
Technologies in Use: MS Windows 7, MS Windows Server, Visual Studio, VMWare, MongoDB
Duration: 6 Month (08-15 until 03-16)

o AWS Cloud Migration of an Customer-Self Service Portal from inhouse to AWS to provide better availability and scalability (Voip, Telco Industry, Cologne), organization of Trainings with developers for the new 1st and 2nd level Support, implementation of new Features for customers

Role: IT Project Manager / Trainer for ITIL and AWS
Technologies in Use: Amazon AWS Services, Netbeans IDE, SOA (REST, XML), JIRA, MS Visio,
Duration: 5 Month (03-16 until 07-16)

o IT-First & Second-Level Support Windows 10 Rollout Banking (Trading) and restructuring of the network, approx. 900 Clients

Role: IT-Support / Technician
Technologies in Use: MS Windows 10, MS Windows Server 12 R2, SSCM, DELL Networking Hardware, ZenDesk
Duration: 7 Month (04-16 until 11-16)

o Dynamics AX 2012 AOS & Microsoft SQL Server Operation: Introduction of a hybrid Cloud by consolidation of the IT of a metalworking company with Hyper-Converged Servers, approx. 300 Clients

Role: IT project manager
Technologies in Use: MS Dynamics AX, DELL Rack-Server, Nutanix Appliances, CISCO Networking Hardware
Duration: 4 Month (02-17 until 06-17)

o Cloud Migration from an On-Premise CRM Solution to Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM – Insurance Agency for Truck / Fleet, approx. 160 Clients

Role: IT-Developer / Consultant
Technologies in Use: MS Dynamics 365, SugarCRM, Microsoft Azure, C#, Visual Studio
Duration: 5 Month (10-16 until 03-17)

o ERP & BI Consulting for implementing and improving Warehouse & Business Intelligence systems in a Logistics Company, Creation of Reporting processes and Identification of suitable KPIs (eg. reducing deadheads, delivery dependability..), approx. 1050 Clients

Role: IT-Consultant
Technologies in Use: MS Dynamics AX 2012 R3, Microsoft PowerBI, Nintex
Duration: 10 Month (04-17 until 02-18)

o .NET Development , a Remote project for a building technology company in Athens – America: Customization of a IOT-Software for building automation, creation of suitable models for document oriented Database, Implementation of REST / SOAP interfaces, Creation of a whitepaper for Administrators

Role: IT-Developer / Project manager
Technologies in Use: C#, Visual Studio, Jenkins, MongoDB
Duration: 10 Month (01-17 until 05-18)

o Project management: Business Intelligence internal development– realization of a Private Cloud for a Global Player (Banking) with container virtualization, approx. 4000 Clients

Role: IT project manager
Technologies in Use: Docker, Kubernetes, AWS, Azure, Basecamp
Duration: 5 Month (05-17 until 10-17)

o Azure Cloud Migration by Outsourcing of an On-Premise Software Solution in Use by a law firm into the cloud, 50 Clients

Role: IT-Consultant
Technologies in Use: Wolters Kluwer AnnoText, Grundig DictaSoft, Microsoft Azure Cloud
Duration: 3 Month (10-17 until 01-18)

o ERP Development Customization of a Dynamics NAV ERP Solution for an international company in production sector, migration of missing customer data because of a company buyout, approx. 2000 Cl.
Role: Lead Developer Migration
Technologies in Use: MS Dynamics NAV, Visual Studio, C#, BizTalk, SharePoint
Duration: 13 Month (10-16 until 1-18)

o SharePoint Cloud Migration to O365
Role: Cloud Consultant / SharePoint Developer
Technologies in Use: SharePoint 2013 On-prem, SharePoint 365, Office 365 Duration: 4,5 Month (10-17 until mid02-18)
o Customer Service (First/Second Level Support Dell Server Solutions & Medical-Customers SmartLayer IT), ca. 400 Clients
Role: IT-Support
Technologies in Use: Zendesk, SolarWinds, Office365, Windows Server, Dell PowerEdge
Duration: 10 Month (02-18 until 11-18)

o Dynamics 365 Sales Introduction by developing & introducing a customized solution for the Sales Team of a Car Spare Parts Distributor and Integration of a self-service portal for customers, approx. 200 Clients Role: IT-project manager / Developer
Technologies in Use: MS Dynamics365, Kingswaysoft SSIS Integration Toolkit, C#, ASP .NET, HTML5, Azure Cloud
Duration: 3 Month (02-18 until 05.18)

o Introduction of ERP / Dynamics 365 Finance and Operation for a bavarian customer (trading with goods), approx. 500 Clients, Analysis of processes and Visualization

Role: IT-Consultant / Business Analyst
Technologies in Use: Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operation + Customer Service
Duration: 6 Month (01-18 until 06.18)

o SharePoint Migration 13 ->16 Priv. Cloud International whole sale sector, checking & enforcing GDPDR Compliance, Import of Documents, Connecting with WCF Service & B2B Webshop

Role: SharePoint Architect / PMO
Technologies in Use: SharePoint on-Premise, .NET, Visual Studio, ServiceNow, Microsoft Project, K2 Workflow
Duration: 4 Month (05-18 until 10-18)

o DevOps ERP Dynamics AX 2012 Restructuring and Monitoring of Incident and Problem Management divisions, especially for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012, Bavarian toys producer (also in the online market with furniture and clothing), approx. 2000 Clients

Role: Application Manager Operation ERP
Technologies in Use: Microsoft Dynamics AX, JIRA, Confluence, Matrix42, Visual Studio, TFS
Duration: 7 Month (09-18 until 03-19)

o DMS Cloud Project Management Restructuring Migration of an on-Premise Document Management
System into the Cloud and merging multi-tenant
data: Development and Integration of Modules into
Dynamics NAV2009 R2 & NAV 2012 on-Premise.

Role: Business Analyst / Project Manager
Technologies in Use: Microsoft Dynamics NAV,
MongoDB, MS SQL Server, EASY Archive, .NET, Visual
Studio, DocuWare Cloud DMS, ELO Enterprise
Duration: 12 Months (01-19 until 9-19)

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