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Freelance Corporate Entrepreneur / Product Owner / Innovator

| Berlin
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Experience so far:

// Managing director interim
// Product owner
// Digital project manager
// Team lead product developemtn team (Developer, QA, Product Manager, Project Manager, UI & UX Designer, Marketing specialist)
// Agile coach
// Investor pitch coach
// Design thinking seminars
// User centered product development
// Sales in heavy industry

I'm a freelancer. My field of expertise can be summoned by digital business modeling.
I believe in my role as an external: It gave me and the team I was working with the agility to try out multiple quick and sometimes dirty approaches - to find out what is really needed by our clients and if we understood that. There is no need for me to dig up and paint new fancy ideas, ideas are worth nothing as long as thy are not tested. I'm a hired gun to try them out, quickly and efficently. Therefore someone must approach the customer. Everybody is talking about testing and testing, but everybody lacks testers (especially in B2B). Because most people are afraid to push their clients. Be charming, talk to them, understand the technical matter... - mix the digital agile approach with a little bit of old school customer relation & sales. That's what I'm good at.

So if you are focussed on getting things done and your horizon is not years but weeks - then I'm your man, as a hands on business modeler on demand. I am burning to engage between the sales and product team, because I understand them both. I've done quite some product protoyping in the digital world and also experienced sales in a hardcore-conservative industry. And seen how little they like each other sometimes.


// RHI Magnesita
// FireShark Refractories GmbH
// Klöckner.i
// etventutre
// Sinniko GmbH
// Richard Bosman


// Helping you to create radical user centered digital business models
// Speed is key, let's step away from long term planning, fake business plans and waterfall shaped projects towards quick, cheap and fast failing but fast learning prototyping
// Its's not about changing your core competencies, not about telling you to be innovative, it's about looking beyond...digging out the curcial information from day one, to find out what your customer needs today and tomorrow
// The digital transformation affects not only consumers, more and more data driven players emerge, reshaping the B2B interfaces even in conservative fields of business (i.e. heavy industry, farming, construction, manufacturing etc...)

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