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Seeking a challenging position in the field of IT as a Backup Administrator with an organisation of repute.

B.E with 12 years of comprehensive experience in field of Information Technology with an extended experience in Backup administration, System Administration.
Presently designated as Principal Analyst TSM with Merck KGaA, Bangalore
A visionary with verifiable year after year success, and proven track record of working in different roles of Data Centre. A Professional with experience in different domains ranging from System Administration, Backup and Restores, automating tasks through scripting, escalations and creating a teamwork environment to enhance productivity.
Persuasive communicator with exceptional relationship management skills combined with the ability to relate to people at any level of business and management; Multitasking, ability to sketch the plan, prioritize work and manage complex projects under aggressive timelines. A Proactive Resource and Planner with cross-functional expertise in handling ST internal Clients looking for Backup and Restore solutions with project based optimal resource and finance available. An important part of HCL TSM team providing best solution to HCL to manage its client’s Backup infrastructure. Presently working in IBM and providing SME level support to one of the biggest government transport agency in world.
An effective communicator & handling different time zones across globe combined with flexible & detail oriented attitude with ability to interact effectively with people.

Core Competencies
IBM Tivoli Storage Manger: With directives to introduce TSM in the Data centre to get in line with Corporate strategy of having TSM as standard software for Backup and Restore solutions, we have learnt and have experience of working on TSM Extended Edition version 5.5 (current) in Unix. Have expertise in installing, upgrade and building backup server, Library Manger server for implementing Library and Media sharing for optimal resource utilization, defining Administrative schedules and DRM plans to optimize backup server health and recover server in case of disaster, Client installation and configuration, server based backup scheduling, knowledge of using CLI and GUI based tools for server management and backup configuration.
TSM Version upgrade to version With the introduction of TSM Server Version 6.x and many benefits related to it, we upgraded our whole environment from 5.5 to to stay in line with IBM support level and also improve our backup infrastructure.
TSM Version upgrade to 7.1: As per client requirements due to EOS server/client version, have upgraded multiple TSM servers and clients to latest release.
TSM Client upgrade: Experienced in upgrading TSM windows and unix clients as and when needed.
Backup Audits and Reports: Accountable for daily backup report checking and taking proactive action to ensure all backups are successful and restarting failed backup after correcting issues. All issues related to tape library and tape media handling are also taken care.
Capacity and Resource planning: Responsible to make management aware with the day-to-day issues, hardware/software component failures, backup resource requirements and capacity planning for infra upgrade based on fact based trend analysis of available resources utilization on quarterly basis.
Customer requirement specification: Planning and meeting the internal and external customers to deploy backup strategy for business critical application and various non-critical dev environments. Developing and sustaining excellent relationship through deep engagement and delivering continuous value by meeting customer expectations and handling issues.
Knowledge Base: Keeping myself updated with new developments and upcoming projects, creating Knowledge bases, prepare and impart trainings for L1/L2/L3 Data Centre Executives in order to provide timely restores on request from customers and/or in case of critical server crash etc.
Disaster Recovery for Big Sites: To ensure all critical data has a copy offsite along with tsm database so that whole site can be recovered in case of natural calamity in least possible time.
TDP: Experienced in managing various TDP software like TDP for vmware,oracle, TDP for SAP,TDP for exchange, TDP for SQl.
TSM Fastback: Knowledge about TSM fastback implementation and configuring backup to fastback. Also able to do upgrade and restore when needed.
Storage Agent: Good knowledge on TSM Storage agent to backup large data in least time.
TSM Tape library configuration: Defining and configuring Tape libraries for use by TSM software. Library includes STK SL8500, TBM TS3310, TS3500, HP EML245, Protectier
Netapp Filer Backups: Backing up Netapp filers by mounting Netapp snapshots on TSM scan servers. For big volumes containing millions of files, deployed TSM snapdiff method to backup the volumes in defined SLA.

Employment Details

Merck KGaA,Bangalore Feb’19- Till now

End to End responsibility for TSM Backup infrastructure for big sites
Replacement of VTL by Container pool Technology
Managing TSM server in cluster using TSM Cluster software.
Upgrade of TSM server on SLES platform
Planning upgrade for TSM server and clients
Implementing new backup solutions for new sites
Implementing best DR solution for new sites using Replication or Tape Offsiting.
Managing small sites backup solutions like DPX( Catalogic). Finding solution to replace different solution for small sites by one global solution.

IBM India Pvt Ltd. Jan’15- Jan’19

SME for TSM Backup Technology
Worked for one of world’s biggest airlines and now with one of the biggest transporter in Australia
End to End responsibility for TSM Backup infrastructure .
Configuring and managing TDP for vmware environment.
Restoring full vm backups and file level restore from vm backups.
Configuring and managing TSM server, clients and deploying latest TSM concepts like node replication and container storage pools.
TSM Capacity Planning
TSM Container pool configuration.
TSM Backup configuration and restoration.
TDP for DB2,Oracle,SAP,SQL,MSSQL Backup configuration.
Deploying TDP for vmware
Automation and reporting for TSM Backup environment.
Planning Disaster Recovery for TSM infrastructure
Configuring TSM node replication and protect storage pool features.
Providing Backup solution to client using TSM.
Training the team on latest TSM technology.

HCL TECHNOLOGIES Ltd. May’13 - Dec’14

Designation: Consultant

HCL Technologies is one of India biggest IT company which servers customers across 90 countries in the world. The company provides software and system support of best quality to its clients. I am part of HCL-IOMC group which is HCL,s best performing division over the years. Being a part of HCL, I have handled below clients:

Client Name: Novartis Pharma AG. Second Largest Drug maker in the world.

Part of the Disaster Recovery Team of HCL providing DR services to Novartis.
Plan and Implement Disaster Recovery Solution for various sites.
Participating in Disaster Recovery Exercises scheduled at regular intervals.
Improving Disaster Recovery solutions so that client is able to recover his data under defined RPO and RTO in case of real disaster.
Validating the correctness of Backup and Recovery Plans.

Client Name: Astra Zeneca. One of the world’s largest pharmaceutical company present almost every part of world.

Working as a Consultant to improve the TSM Backup infrastructure of Astra Zeneca.
Capacity planning for Astra Zeneca sites to have adequate backup infrastructure .
Pin pointing flaws in the current methods and taking steps to resolve them
Configuring Alerts for various backup failures and working with monitoring team to generate tickets for same.
Generating capacity from already present Hardware by realigning various processes.
Remotely Managing Primary and DR backup infra.
Responsible for Monitoring, Controlling and Performing all scheduled Activities on backup Servers.
Responsible for performing Incident and Problem analysis.
Performance tuning to TSM environment.

Client Name: Novartis Pharma. One of the biggest Pharma companies in the world.

Part of Disaster Recovery Team in Novartis.
Execute periodic Disaster Recovery exercises of various applications to ensure that company is well placed to face any disaster.
Ensure all learnings from DR exercises are well documented and any potential reason which can lead to DRE failure is eliminated.
Participating in pre DRE meetings.
Planning to onboard new applications in DR Landscape.

STMicroelectronics Pvt. Ltd. Dec’07-Till May’13

Designation: Senior System Engineer

STMicroelectronics headquartered in Genève, is one of the world’s largest and global independent semiconductor companies and is a leader in developing and delivering semiconductor solutions across the spectrum of microelectronics applications. Offering one of the industry’s broadest product portfolios, ST serves customers across the spectrum of electronics applications with innovative semiconductor solutions by leveraging its vast array of technologies, design expertise and combination of intellectual property portfolio, strategic partnerships and manufacturing strength.
Handling Backup Management which involves HPUX Ignite image backup, RAW (Block level) for Databases and Filelevel Backups for different applications hosted on a broad spectrum of OS.
Regular upgrade of backup infra to keep up with Support window recommended by Vendor.
Meeting application owner and defining backup strategy, backup policies and data recovery.
Negotiating SLAs for Critical application, based on requirement of Application owners.
Remotely Managing Primary and DR backup infra.
Responsible for Monitoring, Controlling and Performing all scheduled Activities on backup Servers.
Capacity planning and infra usage monitoring reports.
Responsible for performing Incident and Problem analysis.
Responsible for Managing System and Backup Software issues with vendors.
Preparing Proposals in coordination with the Technical Team.
I have been handling clients from across the globe and Managing different time zones. Most of our clients are from Europe and Asia Pacific region.
I have closed projects catering backups and restore to critical units including manufacturing data centres of ST in Crolles and Grenoble, France, Longang in China

Significant Highlights
Been onsite in France for knowledge transfer from our French counterpart to bring backup/restore of manufacturing site activity to India.
Been onsite to Longang, China to implement backup infrastructure on a new ST Manufacturing Site.
Implemented backup for large databases using TSM image backup for first time ever in ST.

HCL Infosystems, Noida Dec’05-Dec’07

24 months work experience in HCL INFOSYSTEMS as a IT infrastructure management engineer working onsite as Backup Admin .
HCL is a reputed organization providing IT services across Globe for a wide range of applications.

Projects & Training
Backup Implementation in Longang( China): Visited China for one week to implement TSM Backup. The Backup implementation included two TSM servers setup using library TS3310 library. The architecture included cross-backup i.e all servers of PLATFORM A are backed up with TSM server on platform B and vice versa. The SITE A and SITE B are DR sites of each other. Also provided onsite training to China team so that they can check the TSM manager reports, backup new nodes and do level-1 operations. The infra consists of Unix & Windows Nodes, Netapp Filers and Databases. For Databases we are using EMC SYNC & SPLIT technology and using RAW BACKUP technology.

Backup Services takeover in Crolles( France): Visited France for one month , to receive training from ST TSM Expert and know the enviroment better. The setup in crolles is made up of 15 TSM servers and library SL8500. There are two library managers. Crolles is a ST manufacturing site where we backup critical nodes, Netapp Filers, Databases.

Backup Maintenance in Grenoble: Takes care of configuring new backups, checking daily reports, daily troubleshooting for failed backup. The Backup infra in Grenoble is made up of 25 TSM servers and 3 library managers. The library is SL8500.

Backup maintenance in Bristol, Nimigen, Zaventem: Provides remote support for these two sites. The task includes new backup configuration, troubleshooting failed backup, checking daily backups reports, managing DRP, ensuring data integrity .

Backup configuration of mirapoint Mail servers: As ST Mail servers are Mirapoint Boxes, I implement their backups using TSM NDMP technology.

Attended IBM "Advanced Adminstration Training for TSM 6.2"
ACSLS server upgrade: Since we are using SL8500 library manages by ACSLS server software , we take care of acsls servers also. In order to create logical library , ACLS software was upgraded to release 8.0.2.

Event viewer configuration: One TSM server was configured as a event viewer to act as a single point where all other servers can redirect their logs. This also saved company from buying many TSM manager licenses and only one license is enough.

TSM Backup Set: Generating backup sets for large scale migration of data from one ST site to another. Backupsets were generated and data transferred physically and restored at other site irrespective of backup software used at target location.

Seconday Skills

Good knowledge of Netbackup tool.
Good Knowledge of Ahsay Backup tool.
Good command over Linux commands.
AWS certified solution architect associate.
Adequate knowledge of Shell scripting.
Basic Knowledge of NetApp Storage

Education and Certifications
AWS certified solution architect associate
IBM certified TSM 6.3 Administrator
ITIL Foundation Certificate in IT Service Management
B.E with a specialization in Electronics Engineering from Rajasthan university
Intermediate (XII) and High school (X) from St. Anselms and Alwar Public school respectively affiliated to ICSE board.

Personal Details
Date of Birth : 4th Apr 1981
Passport Number: H2347416
Pan Card Number: ATNPK9586H
Mother’s Maiden Name: Lalita Sharma
Email ID: ××××××××××××××××@×××××××××××
Contact Number: ××××/×××××××××××××
Permanent Address : B6-508, Eco Village 1, Sector -1, Greater Noida West, UP-India

Other Achievements

GENIUS STUDENTS AWARD during 1996-97for academics in school
Awarded merit certificate and cash prize for being in top 10 students in college during 1st year
Awarded MERIT CERTIFICATE in MATHEMATICS for being in top 0.1% students in C.B.S.E. class X & XII board examination

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