Freelancerprofil: Senior IT Manager and Agile Transformer into a Multi-Cloud World - Peter Jäger in Wiesbaden

Senior IT Manager and Agile Transformer into a Multi-Cloud World

Peter Jäger | Wiesbaden | Stunden- und Tagessatz 125 EUR / 1000 EUR
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Software Development Manager
Cloud Computing / Multi-Cloud
Coach, Trainer, Mentor
Software Architekt
Software Development (Python, Groovy, Java, Prolog, C++)
DevOps (Git, Jenkins, Gradle, etc)
Configuration Management (SaltStack, Puppet)
Micro Services, Container Orchestration, Docker, Kubernetes
Machine Learning
Natural Language Processing
Knowledge and Information Management
Quality Management
Logik und Semantik


In 1992, after I received my diploma in Technical Information Science, I started as an independent IT consultant and later in early 1996 I began my career as a certified SAP Technology Consultant specializing on release updates, the operations of SAP landscapes (monitoring, change management, disaster recovery and end user support) as well as the analysis and resolution of performance problems. From 2002 to 2014 I worked for SAP’s department Value Prototyping where I led many PoCs for SAP customers and partners. There, in 2006 I founded the Value Prototyping Performance Lab and developed a methodology for the structured execution of complex load tests. At the same time I developed a semantic knowledge management system for the management of life cycles of projects and members of the department including their time recording. In 2010 I started to focus on Cloud Computing and automation and helped build SAP’s Demo Cloud.
In parallel I pursued my interest in artificial intelligence and studied Linguistics and Philosophy with focus on Logic and Semantics and in 2000 I started my research on machine learning of natural language. I finished my studies with a PhD in 2011.
In 2014 I joined Virtustream and helped found Virtustream Germany. From 2015 to 2017 I worked as VP of Product Development in Atlanta, GA with the focus on the software product xStream App Director overseeing multiple development teams. I co-architected the solution and developed it from the idea to the first release. After my move back to Germany I joined the Virtustream Innovation Office where I work on innovations in the area of service automation in enterprise clouds.

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