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Hochfrequenz / Radar Ingenieur

Gabriel Avram | Southend on Sea
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Microwave Engineer with extensive skills and expertise in the research design, production and sales of microwave technology and equipment with applications across a wide range of private, military and aerospace technical sectors.
Commercially aware and results orientated with outstanding staff development and motivational skills, recognised for being customer focused, with excellent relationship management skills.


Microwave radar – in waveguide, stripline and microstrip technology
- Long-range surveillance – L band - 1-2 GHz – military and civil applications.
- Moderate-range surveillance – S band – 2-4 GHz - military application
- Long-range tracking – C band – 4-8 GHz – military applications
- Short-range tracking, missile guidance – X band – 8-12 GHz – military applications
- Short range tactical radar, automotive radar – Ku band - 18-27 GHz, K band – 18 – 27 GHz– automotive radar, Ka band – 27-40 GHz – tactical radar, automotive radar, medical image radar, 77 GHz – automotive radar, Medical image and tomography radar, etc.

Microwave High Power Industrial Applications – drying, curing, sintering, enhanced chemical reactions, high plasma units, high power laser activated with microwaves, etc. in 2.45 GHz range ISM bandwidth, from low power 100 W to very high power 1 GW installed power in CW and pulses applications.

Research and development and use of various microwave devices and sub-assemblies like oscillators, frequency synthesisers, low power amplifiers, medium power amplifiers, high power amplifiers, power dividers/ combiners, phase and frequency controllers, attenuators, isolators and circulators, filters, various antenna types including dielectric antennas, in waveguide, strip line and microstrip technologies.

As a team or project leader, or as a general manager of my own company, I has acted in the following ways :

- I was permanent in contact with customers, to understand their requirements and I have worked with their specialist to define every project specifications.
This was from the defying the technical feasibility, concept design, development stages with statements of compliances.
- I have verified, from the technical point of view, the quality of the projects and related programmes from the research, development and implementation stages.
- I have worked in a pro-active way to avoid any misunderstanding at every step, in correlation with involved teams – mechanical, electrical, automation, software and microwave, in an effort to facilitate a very good communications between them.
- On this route I was involved in reviewing the specifications, when was necessary, to overcome every potential error.
- All these were connected with the requirements of the projects time and targeted costs, from the rapport between performances/life cycle/cost point of view, who was possible with a very good collaboration with every team leader involved in a project or another.
- This kind of approach has facilitated a good definition of the projects schedules, skills required for every engineer and technician involved.
- From this point, was easy to have progress in technical reviews, updates, in a permanent connection with every specific customer, for a better comply with their expectations.
- I have acted every time to be updated with the news in microwave technology area, in order to collect useful information through symposiums, conferences, journals, internet, visit to specific microwave components manufacturers, etc., in order to identify new applications and new business opportunities in the microwave field.
- I always tried to share relevant information with all the teams who I has collaborated.
- Apart of these, I was involved in a large activity of laboratory and in field measurements using network analysers ( NA , VNA ), spectrum analysers, power meters, receivers for antenna and various microwave devices measurements from EMI and EMC point of view in an anechoic chamber, specific measurements software, etc.
In design activity I used various microwave software as FEKO and Microwave Office Suite ( but for a limited period of time ).
- In the activity to maintain connection with the customers I tried to speak with them in their own language, where was possible, because I can use English, German and French languages in speak, read and write.

I worked in the microwave field also for individual or antenna or antenna array ( including dielectric antennas ) in civil and military range: military radar antennas, special antenna for data links communications, industrial slotted array antenna for plasma applications, security perimeter surveillance, mobile antennas, automotive antennas, highway traffic surveillance radar antennas, ground penetrating radar antennas, medical image antenna array, etc.from 1 GHz to 120 GHz.
I worked in laboratory area for various measurements (and in an anechoic chamber) with Network Analysers, Vector Network Analysers, Power Meters, Special Microwave Generators and Receivers, Frequency Meters, interconnected with various microwave passive and active devices.
I conducted projects and various mixed teams (microwave engineers, mechanical engineers, electronic and electrical engineers, automation engineers, software engineers) to achieve the companies targets related with the various customer requirements.
I worked all the time in an international environment, on the company site, or I participated to various meetings with customers on site or abroad.

I worked also with dielectric antennas for microwave ovens.
I used for a prototype a defined number of antenna array, for different resonant frequencies in circular polarization, to have the possibility to uniformize the food temperature for different food products in the same heating cycle (fish, meat, vegetables, bread rolls, etc.).
I used Gielis “super formula” to calculate and generate 3D supershapes for various dielectric antennas, who were simulated from the electromagnetic point of view with CST.
And I used dielectric antennas in a security application for specified area surveillance.

In conclusion:


▪ Project Management ▪ Design Development ▪ Interdepartmental Liaison ▪ Technical Documentation ▪ Requirement Gathering ▪ Research and Analysis ▪ Diagnosis and Troubleshooting ▪ Equipment Testing and Commissioning ▪ Analysing and Interpreting Test Data ▪ Health and Safety Procedure ▪ Servicing and Maintaining Equipment ▪

Project Management – Skilled in managing project/product through the entire life cycle involving definition, design, integration, flight test, production and field support. Reviewing projects on completion with customers and providing accurate feedback and reports to the project manager.

Design Development/Diagnosis and Troubleshooting – Directing engineering design activities and guiding a team while troubleshooting, analysing and repairing systems in assigned area utilising standard engineering and scientific principles. Expert in designing pre-draft of projects and coordinating validation tests after installation as well as reviewing results with calibration engineer and customers.

Interdepartmental Liaison – Proficient in collaborating with sales department for understanding customer requirements as well as mechanical, electronic and automation departments for accurate measurements and technical details.

Interpersonal and Communication Skills
Effective in coordinating with cross-functional teams and suppliers, guiding installation team and ensuring clear communication between customers and internal departments involved within project.
Detail-oriented in presenting discussions and technical solutions to board and associated teams.

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