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Kai Roloff | Berlin | Stunden- und Tagessatz 150 EUR / 1000 EUR
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Kai has been helping people, teams, and organizations to grow, learn, change, and develop in Europe and Asia using his trademark blend of agility, mindfulness, conceptual thinking, visionary leadership, and interpersonal skills, for over 30 years.

In his organizational activities, Kai has been helping clients to develop digital and integrated solutions in both agile traditional projects in business, learning, communications, and commerce for over 27 years in Berlin, Bonn, Hanoi, Bangkok, Saigon, and Kathmandu.

His clients include Kasikornbank, Douwe Egbert Foundation, Hanns R. Neumann Stiftung State Bank Vietnam, Vietinbank, Allianz, Club of Rome, IBM Strategic Outsourcing (Thailand), Ernst & Young Vietnam, HypoVereinsbank, Karstadt, KPMG (Germany), Volkswagen Coaching.

His mind training background entails Japanese and Vietnamese Zen as well Tibetan Buddhism and western-style cognitive sciences and philosophy, Applying these for individuals, Kai has been leading and teaching meditation as well as coaching practitioners around the world.


Since 2013: Agile development projects; product owner, concept, UI/UX design as well as content development for two web platforms / applications: and

××××/×××××××××××××: People lead for a transformation project for a central bank in south east asia

2012: Business Development for FSO practice of Ernst & Young Vietnam

××××/×××××××××××××: SIMPATICA: Internationals und multicultural agile software development project; product owner

2005: Interface Design and Visualization of future end-to-end lending system integrating workflow environment, performance management as well as training and knowledge management. Developed for one of the leading banks in Thailand with IBM

××××/×××××××××××××: eBusiness strategy and architecture for a leading bank in Thailand as part of a fundamental Strategy project (managed by IBM) reinventing the bank.

××××/×××××××××××××: Consulting, concept development and organizational & process design for the VnCG (Vietnam Country Gateway) project; part of the Global Development Gateway Network funded by WorldBank.

2002: Alcatel University: Reorganization and Learning Management System implementation for 16 local Alcatel Universities around the globe converging into a single virtual global organization; global team lead for phase 1: As-is and to-be analysis (business needs & requirements, technology assessment and organizational and process analysis, change readiness assessment)

××××/×××××××××××××: various eLearning and integrated change Leadership developments for German banks and retailers.


Strengths (Clifton Strengthsfinder 2.0)

Lived and worked in Asia (Vietnam, Thailand, Nepal) for 15 years from 2003 to 2018. Deeply experienced in multicultural contexts. Fully immersed in an environment where agile mindset and attitude are essential survival traits.

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